Monday, April 02, 2012

I crack myself up sometimes!

Last week I was with a new client bring home his Navigator 61 from San Diego to Newport Beach.
I was by myself on watch just in front of the San Onofre power plant when I started to pick up calls from a female radio operator on warship # 5 advising other boaters to keep their distance.

As I approached the USS BATTEN warship # 5  I kept thinking to myself what might be a fun response should warship 5 hail me.  As I approached, the female radio operator hailed me on Channel 16 by calling out my location, heading and speed.

I quickly replied:  "This is “I Have a Nice Fanny” going to channel 10". I could hear her take a breath and wonder if she should call me by my stated name. Rather than hailing me as "pleasure craft" she then said  “I Have a Nice Fanny, I Have a Nice Fanny this is warship # 5” in which I replied “I bet you do?’ and I could hear the laughter break out behind her, when a more authoritative voice came across the radio asking me to repeat my call sign. I changed it back to the boats real name. They requested I change course and take their stern, In which I immediately did with a “copy that, I am taking your stern” which resulted in more laughter on my part.
I have to assume I got away with one and started calling my boating friends informing them of my little joke.

Good Times

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