Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Harbor Report: An exciting NHYC Winter Series

Only Child racing in the Harbor
 BY: Len Bose

It always seems this time of year I write my column without heading out onto the harbor first. With all the rain over the last week the only time I have been on my Harbor 20 is to pump out all the rain water.
That's not necessarily true, I have been attending the Newport Harbor Yacht Club's Winter Series and for the second year in a row I am getting beat up on the race course during this series.

With all the light or just fluky winds, along with huge currents running, I am having a hard time connecting the dots around the race course. People that seem to have a better idea on how to get around the course this time of year are Team Bissell and Team Sellinger. They are tied for first place in the C fleet and it will come down to the final day of the series on Feb. 5th.
In B fleet, Chris Hill and Nina Manning hold a small lead over Team Reed and Team Haynes. This will be a close series and everyone will have their game faces on for the last day of racing.
In A fleet, Argyle Campbell sailing "No Travel Required" has been sailing the most consistently this winter although Team Wise and Mark Conzelman sailing with Phil Thompson are staying within striking distance.
Speaking of striking distance you no longer need to concern yourself with running into the old No. 11 range marker. It has finally been removed after a year with dealing with the Coast Guard.
# 11 Channel Marker REMOVED!

I had to go look for myself to believe it and yes it is finally gone. The removal of the three remaining old telephone pole range markers remains a task for our City Council this year.
If you have ever run into one of these range markers you know what I am talking about. Remember to remind your city council members along with harbor commissioners that it is time to remove these ancient beasts from our harbor.
While making my rounds around the harbor, in my warm car, I noticed that the NHYC has a large three-story ship they are chartering from Hornblower as their clubhouse for the next year as they build a new clubhouse.

Racing ahead
It appears everything is going to plan from the outside and the club has a full racing calendar set for the upcoming season. It starts with the Islands race that starts in L.A. Harbor and goes around Catalina and San Clemente then finishes in San Diego. It's the perfect warm-up for the Newport Beach-to-Cabo race schedule to start March 10. We are hopefully attending both of these races ourselves aboard the Santa Cruz 50 Horizon to start our racing season.

News about a couple of other prominent racing boats have grabbed my attention this winter. The Santa Cruz 50 Flaca has been sold and will now live in Long Beach.
The Andrews 39 Bien Roulee has to my understanding been sold to a local Newport Beach racer, which is very good news.
On rather surprising news, the Andrews 49 It's OK and the Peterson 50 Checkmate have been donated to Orange Coast College. Let's hope these two boats stay in town and still show up on the local race course.
Basins New Ride

I went by Basin Shipyard recently and got a glimpse at Dave and Derek New's brand new wheels. The shipyard traded in their old Travel Lift for a brand new one with all the bells and whistles. Remote control, taller and much quieter, I never have been able to figure out the miles per gallon and I might have gone with some different rims but it looks really sharp.
Marine Recycling Center Dana Point
Harbor Commission meeting
I made it past the Harbor Commission meeting this month and was very glad to hear commissioner Kenny request to place on next month's agenda the idea of having a Marine Recycling Center in town. I have written about this idea a couple of times over the last seven years. I have noticed Marine Recycling Centers in Dana Point and up in L.A. Harbor. I feel having one our two centers in town will solve part of the problem of boaters using our pump-out stations incorrectly.
At the end of the meeting I had a chance to talk to Lt. Mark Alsobrook. Have I ever told you how tremendous it is to have our harbor master attend these meetings?
The subject quickly went to the weather. I brought up the fact that I have pumped out over 200 gallons of water this winter from my Harbor 20. Alsobrook quickly responded that's what his team has been doing a lot of this winter, pumping out water from the different moored boats.

Boat name of the week: "Just add Ice"
Sea ya!

LEN BOSE is an experienced boater, yacht broker and boating columnist for the Daily Pilot

Sunday, January 01, 2017

H 20 Fleet # 1 "NUTS" Series

3-21-20 Newport Beach, CA  Harbor 20 Fleet 1. In a time of the dark unknown cloud encircling the globe, a ray of sunlight shined upon our bay as twenty-five Harbor 20’s entered the five points area.

As I drove down the bluffs the ocean gleamed with clarity from the clearing of the previous day’s spring showers. Santa Barbara and San Clemente Island’s where easily seen on the horizon and it was one of those clear cool early afternoons where you can almost count the rocks on the East end of Catalina.

While the sun was reflecting off the harbor waters participants of the first “Nuts” series started to appear and circle the committee boat. The “Nuts” series was named from what General McAuliffe famously said while defending Bastogne to the German surrender ultimatum “Nuts” Which best describes my feeling to today’s new normal. Harbor 20’s allow participants to stay at an acceptable distance from each other by sailing single-handed or with a family member. Similar to taking walks around the bloke or revisiting nature on long hikes.

With the “Nuts” theme in place awards were gathered. 1st was a package of Macadamia Nuts, 2nd Pistachios, 3rd Peanuts. Before the racing started I received inquiries from H 20 owners indicating that they did not want to race but just go out for a sail and I quickly encourage them to do so then sail by and say hello. 

A comfortable cool breeze of 7-9 knots out of the SSW blew across the harbor which allowed the racing to start on time at 13:00 hours. The participants decided if they wanted to sail in A & B divisions with 11 teams starting in A fleet and 11teams in B fleet, don’t ask me how that happened. Team Kelly took the first race in B fleet followed closely by team Hurlimann and Team McDonald. In Class A Team Kimball put the puzzle together first with teams Haynes and Drayton close behind. My observations were that the fleet was not overly aggressive at the starting line with the strong outgoing tide. Tacking over to port and getting to the right side of the course seemed to be favored, one just needed to find the correct lane with pressure. Bringing the boat to speed looked to take an eternity. The current played an even larger part in the day’s downwind strategy with some participants unable to protect their lead by keeping themselves between the mark and fast approaching competitors.

My favorite quotes of the day were from Greg Newman “ Len, I Love…Love that course.” Another fun quote came from “Moose & Squirrel” when I commented to Max that he might consider paying closer attention to his kinetics in the boat with Jessica asking me “Are you calling me fat.” In which, I was looking to respond as quickly indicating that that was not the case. The last quote of the day came from my wife Jennifer, my text and email arriving announcements is a chirping sound, “ It sounds like we have a summer cricket in the house” with all the accolades from the day’s participants coming in. This would not have happened without Fleet Captain Bob Yates agreeing to this idea and procuring the necessary equipment from the Lido Isle Yacht Club along with Phil Thompson, mark set, and Scott Barnes scoring and photos.

Thank each one of you for attending, I enjoyed our on the water awards presentation. Look for the next “Nuts” event NOR due out by Tuesday for the next two weekends one-day events.

Suggestions are encouraged for example was five races too much and would you rather have done only four races? You can check out all the days photos at Fleet1 Face book page or my blog site at

Sea ya
Len’s Lesson # 66 in the form of a question: “Isn't it healthy to be a little naughty sometimes?”

B Division 
1st     # 32 Greg Newman             3, 3, 5,1, 2 = 14
2nd   # 218 Devon & Greg Kelly 1, 5, 1, 4, 5 = 16
3rd    # 107 Tom Corkett               5, 7, 2, 7, 3 = 24

A Division
1st  # 5 John Drayton                           3, 5, 5, 1, 1= 15
2nd #168 Tucker Cheadle                    5, 1, 1, 8, 5= 20 
3rd # 201 Debra & Peter Haynes         2, 6, 3, 6, 7 = 24

(We have todo results by hand, look at our score sheet photo)