Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring twilight’s at M Mark

March 21, 2012 Spring twilight’s at M Mark.  We had the perfect spring day, 8-12knots of breeze, out of the west. Warm at the start and the jackets started to appear as the sun set.
We had four boats and completed 5 races of 2 v 2 windward leewards. Mike Pinckney was our designated coach and provided simple instructions at the mark rounding. From the starting boat I was able to learn a lot on how this whole Team Race thing works. I am encouraging you all to try this format of sailing. I promise you will improve your sailing skills and find another reason to use your boat. Next week come on down and give it a try! Everyone is welcomed to help me in the starting boat?
This weeks participants were Diane & Steve Kent, John Fradkin, Mike Pinckney, Alex Steele, Shannon Heausler, Jon Novack, & Jeff Tolan.  

Walter Johnson and Linda Pierce did a fly by, promised to attend next week and made a beverage for the Kent’s before sailing off into the sunset.  Other people that called me and said they would be down next week was Peter Haynes, Bill Menninger , Judi Gorski & Marry Bacon.

This is starting to feel like it’s going to be a FUN series that will turn into something much larger! We also had a great time sitting around the fire at BYC after the race, which to tell you the truth is almost more fun than racing.

Sea ya Next week!
Len Bose


Karen Pierce said...

Nothing like a photo for evidence of a spectator giving gimlets to one of the team racers!

Karen and Walter

Jevon D. Hayter said...

Great information here thanks for sharing!
Take Care
Bose Companion 3