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2003 Beneteau 47.7 First

This is the perfect performance cruiser! Lots of room, Bruce Farr design and a HUGE diesel to power you close to 10 knots.
Looking for a proper yacht for the family of three plus? Want to go club racing? Want to get somewhere fast when the wind dies down? The Beneteau 47.7 is the yacht for you. Located in Newport Beach easy to show. Go to my link on the side of the page to get the spec sheet.


1975 Santana 30

Looking for something clean at an OUTSTANDING VALUE? This Santana is the perfect boat for the person that just wants to come down and bay sail.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

LIDO 14 2008 Wednesday Night & Season Reports

( Team Mueller/Strang returns?)

4-30-08 Lido 14 Fleet 1 and The Balboa Yacht Club at 17:30. Ten teams showed up to a southerly breeze of 5-9 knots that aloud PRO Jeff Keenan to get in five races. With the course set in front of the club everyone on the dock and in the clubhouse had a good view of all the action. This combined with short courses kept PRO Keenan on his toes between starting, finishing, scoring and taking photos of the fleet. At one point Jeff threw me a refreshment, took a photo of us and then sounded the horn as we crossed the finsh line in that order, Perfect!

Team Kent "Leading The Way!"

You have to understand that taking photos on the water is not that easy and then taking photos of my team mate Dina is like finding “Waldo”, she don’t like it! This is all Jeff needed to add to the fun factor last night.
Speaking of fun it was good to see Team Mueller/Strang return to the water and they wasted no time returning to the top of the fleet. In fact it was good to hear Steve at the end of the night say “ I think we might look for another boat”.
I did not get a chance to see the results although the consensus was that Team Kent won the night, or at least would have won the night if they had not missed the first start. Steve and Diane were able to get off the starting line well and stay in the top four finishers. It was good to see Bob Yates sail down from Lido to make the start and like always sailed very well.

"The true Pro at work" an no thats not Jeff!

The fleet continues to ask me where is the “DUCK” and I reply “I cant find the Duck” so WHERE IS IT? Only one way to find a duck and that is with a Duck Call. At the next race someone will be in charge of finding the duck and will be requested to blow the call at each mark rounding. This caller then may pass the call to the next person of their choice or return it to the PRO or Principle Duck Caller “PDC”

Team Killian

From the "Sea Lawyer"

This part of or newletter is from a new writer named “The humble sea lawyer”. This piece was done to “keep it fun”. I would like to thank this writer in advance for their efforts.

So with no further ado, The humble sea lawyer:

Recently it has become apparent that some back to the basics may provide clarity to the often hectic and at times confusing mark rounding’s where much like starts, there is a higher percentage chance of boat to boat contact due to the increased proximity & density. Contact as we all know is something in sailboat racing that is very much frowned upon in the fine sport of yachting (14 footers included), see rule 14 (interesting, two 14’s, coincidence, maybe not) least it’s easy to remember!

In an attempt to prevent contact between boats moving forward, perhaps a re-read of Rule 18 which applies or “turns on” (if you are of the umpire mentality) during mark rounding’s and passing obstructions is warranted. This week’s c-lawyer submission is on that rule, as it applies to leeward mark rounding’s.

Please note for the record the comments contained herein are strictly one armature sailors general understanding of the written rules of sailing through experience and are not intended to replace these rules as published:

So you have had a great beat, and even better run, and now you find yourself neck and neck with the duck sailor for the lead (we call him that because he never ducks during a race), only you are on the “outside of the wheel” going into the leeward mark rounding. To make things worse, the duck sailor has jibed onto starboard going into the rounding putting you in the frustrating predicament of having to avoid contact with them or risk doing a donut (circle, see rule 31), something short course racing is very unforgiving to. While Rule 18.4 requires the duck sailor to jib around the mark, you realize that in doing so, his/her boom may extend well past the starboard side of their boat in the process, how much room do you need to give them, and when? Rule 18.2d specifies that rule 16 (changing course) “turns off” during their rounding. Essentially you have to anticipate the duck sailors jibe, and make prior arrangements to keep clear of them, even if they end up taking more berth during the course of the rounding than when they started it, (ie. the jibe/turn/boom swing etc…)! In a lido, this can put you well outside a 14’ radius from the turning mark (uggggggggh). Perhaps next time I will just slow down, let them go ahead and round tight behind that duck sailor on starboard going into the leeward rounding after all. It sure beats doing donuts and I only slide back a half boat length from the leaders and lose no lateral distance from the weather mark. Better yet, I am going to fight harder to be the inside overlapped ROW (right of way) boat going into the next rounding, let that duck sailor suck on my gas after the rounding. Can’t wait until next Wednesday now…stoked to try out my new moves.

As always, please feel free to browse the ISAF 2005-2008 racing rules of sailing in their entirety by clicking on the link below.
Fair winds and fun (incident free) sailing for all![502].pdf

So that wraps up the spring series twilights with over 40 races, 15 teams, 400 photos, five thousand words written, over 150 refreshments served and memories for a life time. For me I find my thoughts wondering over the good times on the water with my friends at sun set during the flag lowering ceremonies. Can’t help from smiling can Ya!

"At Sunset"

"Good Times"

"Paps training our youth"

"Where is Waldo"

"Jeff just taking more photos of my head"

"Yea Steve you won another race!"

"The fleet posser"

"Jess closing the spring out"


LENS LESSON # 244 " Be alert to the source of trouble"


4-24-08 Fleet 1 & The Balboa Yacht Club at M mark at 17:30. Seven Teams showed up for some perfect Lido 14 sailing, I mean DUDE you should have been there! WNW breeze at 13 knots with puffs up to 17 along with seven teams that could be in the top ten of any championship, two National Champions, the current fleet champion. Like I said DUDE you should have been there!

Team Fradkin/Schock, I like to call him Johnny Current, came of the starting line, in the first race, well and held his lane. They kept their advantage as the fleet sailed to the right side of the course. Everyone rounded within a boat length of each other and a number of teams jibed set while Team Fradkin/Schock and Team Bose/Corsi bored away and stretched out. We worked our way back up wind taking about three boat lengths away from Johnny Current as we set up on layline. I had figured that team Fradkin/Schock was gone and I wanted to hold on to our second. As we tacked onto layline out of the left corner of my eye I noticed Johnny Current had turned into Johnny bum bulls as I had thought he had dropped his tiller. Unfortunately, Team Fradkin/Schock had broken their tiller and all they could do is plead with the fleet not to hit them as they were dead in the water and on layline. We barely kept the lead to a hard charging Team Nesbitt and won that race by less than a foot.

Lens Lesson # 18 ; Haste and speed are not synonymous



OK if you look at your calendars the sailing season is at full swing. Now look at your Lido 14 Calendars and the season is half over already. BLAM! "Get back up again" and make it out to the Wednesday nights off M Mark 17:30. Team McRae/Gorski have had the jump on everyone this season so they will be providing the fleet with refreshments this week.
Teams showing up, Killian, Fradkin, Stoneman, Papadopoulos Bose, Rulla, McRae, Gerry, Cochran, Walters, Simmons and Nesbitt. We are still looking for Heim, Yates, Thorone, Zuelsdorf Gaudio, Robertson, Hunter, Johnson, Fuller, Schupak, Wiese, Little, Jackman, Hughes, Rossen, Ryan,Colins and Newbre.
Its TIME guys, the weather is warm looks like we will have some BREEZE. ITS UP TO YOU!

Sea Ya!

3-26-08 Balboa Yacht Club and Fleet 1. With the cat away the mice did play with eleven teams showing up to a southerly breeze that allowed us to race directly in front of the club. All the people at the club, that included the Cabo participants on their boats, were treated to three twice around races with the fleet never out of eyesight.
This month we had 15 teams participate in our races with a lot of new blood, to this event. One of the teams was Barry Wood and his daughter. Barry follows the fleet throughout the year and attends the Harry Wood regatta each year. This regatta was named after his father and there is a long history and involvement with the Lido class from the Wood family. Make sure you stay around for the trophies presentation because regatta chairman John Papadopoulos always covers a good part of the history of the event. This presentation is like the words of a good country song. If you listen to the words, it makes you WANT SOME of that “good feeling” of being remembered for all your efforts.
Speaking of “ Good Feelings”! Barry Wood was first in the parking lot this week ready to go play. While rigging my boat Barry came up “ Hello Kid, Why are you here today?” Always with his warm welcome he then helped the fleet put their boats in the water.

While putting our boats away a small earthquake was reported in Newport Beach, I thought it was just Chris Nesbitt putting his boat away. Chris and crew Ryan Davidson were ready to rumble this week finding a left shift at the weather mark each race that kept them in the top three all night and winning the day. " Its all Ryan, I keep falling down" said Chris after their second win. After the racing and with the fleet filling up the bar, good times were had by all. We still need to replace The Duck this year with something new. Also remember that John Papadopoulos is having a Lido 14 race clinic this Saturday that will tune you up for this season and Sunday’s race. Fleet 2 is having their Invitational Race in Marina del Rey on April 5th that looks to be a lot of fun. We also need a volunteer for race committee this next week along with a refreshments sponsor? Results from last night race are attached and I should have the month’s results for you on Monday.


Lens Lesson # 8

"Work hard at what you love and be remembered for that work"

3-19-08 Balboa Yacht Club & Fleet 1. M Mark at 1730 again we had seven teams show up with four races in a 7-knot westerly. PRO Jeff Keenan and Christophe Killian were on the job and on time. This is the second year Jeff has run the races for us and he has a routine that keeps us on time with the fun factor meter at full tilt. Should everyone think about it next week, please thank Jeff, and buy him a drink at the bar after the race.

The quotes were flying yesterday. “I love my wife and son and I really like these Wednesday night races,” said Len Bose at the start of the night. Next was Carley Simmons “ Look daddy we are going to hit that nice red boat” and at the fourth start Chuck hit the line at full speed and you could hear Carley “ ZOOOOOOOOOM!” I know I said this last year although when you have two teams sailing with there kids, Team Nesbit and Davidson trading the helm with Ryan taking a second place in the first race, Ryan is one of BYC’s top junior sailors, and Chris Nesbit winning the second race.

You blend this all together with a fantastic sunset while we are putting the boats away over the clubs load speaker comes the “ Attention on deck” for the flag lowering ceremonies followed by the Horse track tune of “Their off” rather than the normal tune and you have GOOD TIMES at the yacht club. Of course this was followed by one of the better quotes of the night while Nancy Davidson was helping the fleet by operating the crane and lifting the boats out of the water, Kelsy Cochran centerboard was not all the way up. After Kelsy team mate Kelly pulled the board up Nancy looks down from the cranes operating spot and asks me “Hey Len, is that all the way up” not knowing what she was referring to I had to laugh which of course lead to a load round of laughter on the docks. From there we all headed up to the bar and then to dinner. I trust that our flag officers at BYC are noticing the 20 extra people at dinner and in the bar? The fleet will grow to 50 people within the next couple of weeks!

The amount of people does not matter because the time spent around the dinner table is as about as much fun as on the water. I would also like to thank John Papadopoulos for buying dinner for the table last night. GOOD TIMES and I look forward to seeing more of you soon!


Len Bose
(714) 751-6121

Len Lesson # 5 " Life is short, therefore one should sail more often."

# 76 "Where not here for the apple turnovers"


I had three deals close this last week and fell behind on my write ups.

3-12-08 Balboa Yacht Club & Fleet 1. M Mark at 1730 had seven teams show up for the first race of summer sailing. The breeze was light and shifty and always threatening to fill in from the west at about seven knots. This kept race committee Jeff Keenan on his toes and looking for a twice around course and passing out beverages to all the participants. Unfortunately after the second lap the wind dissipated to nothing and the current brought us all to the finish line.

We had Christopher Rulla show up with his wife. Chris is a long time fleet one member that works up in LA and has found a place to keep his boat at BCYC. John Fradkin had the person that bought his old boat, sorry I forgot your name, with him and will be joining in on our fun. Chris Nesbit and Paps were sailing together so I believe both will be sailing their own boats this week. Along with Kelsey Cochran who came by and said hello and informed us she will be out this week.

SO! Tomorrow we should have over 10 teams showing up, Killian, Fradkin, Papadopoulos, Kent, Bose, Rulla, McRae, Gerry, Cochran and Nesbit. We are still looking for Heim, Yates, Thorone, Zuelsdorf, Walters, Gaudio, Robertson, Hunter, Johnson,Ford and Simmons.

I want to write more but I am late again.


03/01-02/08-Newpor Beach, CA Newport Harbor Yacht Club Schock Regatta 2008. This year’s race had it all plus more than what was presented in the brochure. With overcast skies and winds out of the southwest along with the promise of Santa Ana winds on Sunday it was anyone’s guess on what the weather was going to-do. I was greeted with the normal warm welcome from event chairs, Ann & Kurt Wiese. I then made the standard enquire about the weather and Kurt response was with a smile and a “Uuhhhhhh”. For those of you know Kurt he is not a person with a lack of words. I replied, “ I have to assume that means-who the heck knows -what we will get this weekend” “Exactly” Kurt replied.

Day one started with an 8-9 breeze out of the south and a windward leeward twice around racecourse. It’s been brought to my attention that when the fleet races within the mooring fields, protests seem to fly. This was exactly what happened to Ryan Davidson and I on the last run approaching the leeward mark in 2nd place with a very short beat to the finish. Although not sure if I had committed a foul, not giving enough room to a weather boat at an obstruction, and being the start of a long regatta I decide to do my 720. Afterwards a witness told us we had given plenty of room, although this did not make me feel any better I did learn a lesson. When you are doing your circles sail well out of the way because on my second circle I truly fouled Eric Heim but fortunately Eric did not say anything.

Speaking of Eric he has sure taken his skill to the next level and is sailing better than most. Eric and crew, Aimee Graham threw out their first race 4th place finish then completed the event with 2,1,4,1,2. With shifty conditions and a number of light wind races team Heim & Graham were off the starting line consistently in good shape and finding the first shift. Then there was Team Little consisting of Bob and his young children sailing at the top of the fleet. While rounding weather marks you could hear Bob “Bobby PLEASE give me the pole back” and “keep your head down”. The best quotes of the regatta came from Saylor Little while fighting through no breeze on day one “Is this the doldrums?” How Team Little continues to stay at the top of the fleet in a VERY competitive class makes one smile in envy. Team Little also had the hindsight to return to the dock after race one on Sunday before all hell broke loose.
What happens next was something that only occurs twice a decade we won the next race! I need to be serious now, what happen next is that the Santa Ana winds finally made it down onto the racecourse with a huge gust of breeze. This led me to capsizing with a number of masts breaking. Two very important lessons need to be remembered. 1. Keep a small bucket in your boat. 2. Chase boats must have the proper tools on board when all hell breaks lose. Don’t get me wrong NHYC had the chase boats and I am very fortunate one was present at my capsize. We must continue to remember the importance to the properly prepared chase boat.
The feel good quote was truly actions taken by the class members to help one another during the number of puffs that rolled across the bay. Once we finally made it back to the dock I had two people helping bail the boat. Other people were rolling my sails. As I stood on the dock wide eyed taking in all that just happened. The competitiveness was set aside and a true Corinthian sprit was felt throughout the fleet. This felt good and big thank you goes out to the whole class for stepping up to the task at hand.

OK, Let’s get this party started! A week from today is the first of the Fleet 1 early twilights starting at M mark at 5:30 Wednesdays. Last year we were able to produce up to four to five races a night with as many as 18 boats showing one night. Lets do it again. Look for fleet rallying letters on Monday and recap on Thursday.


Len Bose

PS. I thought it would be fun to share the email I sent to my crew on Monday. Thanks again Ryan.

Hey Ryan,

I can’t tell you how thankful I am you sailed with me this weekend. I have been through a number of times when the wind has caught me off guard like that and you did and outstanding job understanding the situation and solving the problem.

You kept your cool, communicated in a calm voice and solved a number of issues we were having on the boat during that puff. These our things that separate the men from the boys and you stepped up.

I am sure your folks are very proud of you at everything you do "well done".

Your "thankful' friend

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

THE Mast Head Issue # 11 Jack London "Strictly Sail" Boat Boat Show

A good client and friend of mine met me, Tuesday to list his boat and discuss what he wanted in his next boat. The conversation quickly went to what can be seen at the Strictly Sail Show at Jack London Square in Alameda California. “Lets go?” he said, and all the reasons not to go went through my head as I replied “Suuurrre!”. So let me get to the point of this piece, was it worth $ 250 in airline tickets, $ 60 in rental car, going through airport security, and a day away from the office? YES.
What did I see? Sailboats lot’s of Sailboats with small sport boats taking people for a sail to old boats before my time. All the electronics and options one could wish for. If we were pushing large carts around I would have felt like I was in Costco. I wanted it all with too much to report from chamois to the newest satellite communications, routing programs along with what is the best type of hose to use in the head to keep the smells down. I only had three hours before my flight home so I headed back to the docks to look at all the boats.

Along the way we noticed the Santa Cruz booth with the new drawings from Tim Kernan. It was kind of like driving down PCH when summer starts. I could not help to stop and look at the sexy girl on the boardwalk. The funny thing was the person in front of me stopped and I ran into the back of him. While we both paused, on the best way to approach the booth, and not appear to be the dirty old men that we are. I then met Tom Slade. Tom took us through the booth and explained the concept behind the new boats and with eleven boats on order. I have to think this is the next new boat for many reasons. Tim Kernan design can go point to point, around the cans and the interior is something you will want to spend the night on.

The other boat or mistress of the show was the Andrews 28 built by Sylvana Yachts. One can keep this boat on a trailer, race her and cruise her in comfort now that’s value. I also liked the rudder system you have to go check this boat out if you go to the show this weekend. So with a quick look at my watch I am now down to an hour. The Beneteau, Jeanneau and Hanse displays are what also caught my eye along with the number of cruising catamarans. This was the first time in awhile I noticed Hunter and Catalina take second row in their displays. My time was up and I needed more time.

Lens lessons from the show. I needed a whole day at the show not just three hours. I would have taken a taxi from the airport and back when I noticed the lack of parking. This was kind of funny because as I ended parking three blocks up and took my watch off for the walk to the show. Will I return? YES, Should you go? YES. If you find yourself wanting a sailboat within the next two years you must go. Asking yourself, what about the economy? It’s always better to buy in a down market. Look at the resale value of the entire product from 1990-1995 it has had the highest demand over the last ten years.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Mast Head Issue # 10 Newport Boat Show

35th Annual Newport Boat Show.

Yep, It’s the BIG YACHT SHOW and I am sure you have read all the press releases about the debut of some of the world’s newest, largest, sportiest and luxurious yachts.
Yes, they are all here and I have spent the last two days walking around and getting ready for the show. Most of you know I try to write from a route not taken before and after twenty years of doing these shows let me try to describe some of the lessons learned. These lessons are from where to park, how to search, how to view, who to bring with you and what shoes to wear.

Parking is like buying wine at a restaurant and if you’re like me I would rather pay the corkage fee rather than pay four times the retail value. If you come to the show during the week park across the street off of Short street which is located to the west of Via Lido. Parking is easy most days if you arrive after 12:30 because of street sweeping on Friday. If you are coming to the show on the weekend the Newport City lot is open to the public although the hunting is a little thin because a number of people have figured this out already. It’s still worth throwing a line out and seeing if you can get lucky with a fly by and snag a spot.

For the buyers, I recommend coming to the show the day before it opens and walk around. This gives you a chance to look, without the crowds and salesmen, it’s free and easy to take a quick look around. Over the years I have sold three boats the day before the show opens. You can also call the listing agent and I am sure they will have passes for you at will call before the show opens the next day. That night go to and do a search for the boat and start writing down your questions.

To board most yachts you will asked to take your shoes off so the best thing to do is wear something that is easy to slip on and off. I find sandals or even better yet would be new pair of Croc’s with socks on.

Now please don’t take me wrong, but kids under twelve really don’t want to spend the day at the boat show and your spouse really does want to be part of your decision in choosing the proper yacht. Keep in mind its better for the boat to be called “OUR BOAT” not “ YOUR BOAT”. After you have an acceptance of offer, YOU BET, bring the kids down to family’s new boat and start planning your first trip to Catalina.

For the dreamers, this is a very important part of the sale and we brokers welcome everyone to come down to the show. Take a look at all the different boats and start defining how you would like to use the boat and then start to recognize the different brokers. Nothing makes me feel better than when a prospect tells me they have been reading my ads and seeing me at the shows for the last twenty years and ready to buy now.

What’s at this years show? Lots of big power boats and not that many sailboats. There are a number of good mid sized trawlers. I also noticed that there are not that many mid sized, 40 -50, late model sport fishers. I can’t help but notice the number of lobster or picnic boats to look at. I found some expedition style yachts of interest and a number bay boats that look like to much fun. Of course there are tons of express cruisers in all sizes. Also the first two people to drop me an email will have a pair of passes waiting for them at will call.

So let your dreams start today and just keep in mind that time on the water keeps you young.

SEA Ya at the show