Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lido 14's, LIDO 14's, LIDO 14's

6-27-07 Newport Beach, CA Balboa Yacht Club. This the last week for starting at M Mark produced 15 teams that were greeted to a light and shifty westerly. Bob Yates with Jim Jackman were our race committee and Larry Walters, Jamie and Steve Kent were our mark set. Bob brought his own whistle and was gathering equipment well ahead of time. Team Yates/Jackman did a great job for the fleet and managed to get in four races in light conditions. Our market set crew added a lot of flavor to the night by taking, photos, handing out refreshments, moving the marks, and yes DUCK enforcement. Thanks guys, that was not an easy night and you did an outstanding job. Although three quotes from our committee come to mind. On the first start of the night Bob Yates commenting on the first general recall “ All right, all you guys STOP that and get it right!” While going down one of the runs I could hear Larry’s crew coming up from behind in the power boat and Larry’s voice call out over the water almost like at a baseball game; “ BEER! BEER HERE…” in the middle of a race. One of the better quotes came from Jim Jackman after the race while wondering the dock with the score sheet in his hand and a funny look on his face “HMMMM I have a few to many 8th place finishes in this one race”.

Some of the other quotes of the night were classic. Ryder Nesbitt after completing the first race pulling the DUCK “ OK, I know who’s going to get the DUCK next”. Steve Mueller when receiving the Duck later that night “ But he “fouled” me!” The priceless quote came from Peter Newberry and his son while sailing to leeward mark. Peter “ OK ready to jibe” Pete’s son “ That was a good jibe Dad?” Pete “Yep, ready to jibe again” Pete son “ No we just did that, I don’t want to do it again”

Speaking of Peter and his son, they ran away with the night. Peter sailed for UCI back in the day and is one of the better sailors in the bay. There is nothing better than watching the father/son teams. Well, maybe it’s watching your child race the boat like Greg Kent and Ryan Davidson did. When crossing ahead of me on one of the beats Greg said “I never in all my days thought I would be ahead of you Len” I had to bite my lip on that one, but still good times.

Since starting at M Mark we got in 54 races, over 40 teams entered, the creation of the DUCK, over 500 photos, 450 refreshments passed out, young and not so young sailors on the water, outstanding coaching, 10 different race committee and mark set teams, over 15 pages of race high lights, large gathering at the bar and dinner tables for post race discussions. Blend this all together and place it in American Yacht Clubs over time you will have something to savor.

For me, it was fun and I know we have done something special for the sport we love. I am off the month of July for the Transpac race and will look forward to the upcoming class championship events in August. Before I go off watch I would like to bring up two items. Last nights feel good quotes came from two class champions, Team Robertson “ Len, you have done a REALLY REALLY good job for the fleet” and at the end of the night Mark Gaudio “ Well done Len, this is great”. Last we all should give a big shout out to John Papadopoulos. John is truly the heart of this fleet and I have never seen as much passion for our sport in one person. THANK YOU, JOHN, and thank you to everyone that attended these events.

Sea Ya.

Len Bose
(714) 751-6121

Len’s “repeat” Lesson # 2 “ You try your best no matter what and it usually works out”

6-20-07 Newport Beach, CA Balboa Yacht Club. A warm 10-14 knot westerly greeted 17 teams for the third week of the June Twilights sailed of M Mark. Team Papadopoulos/Brandt were our race committee along with Team Jackman as mark set. Paps arrived early and proceeded to go through his checklist of race committee equipment and was fortunate to have the wind gods make his day go as planned. John has an interesting way of getting a feel of the wind with hands outstretched while heading up wind I could here him say “ I am the king of the world” My crew Dina Corsi heard him saying “ I caught a fish this big”. With perfect conditions we started the night on time to a long twice around course followed by three windward leeward’s.

Before the start of the first race John called over team Yates and handed them the Duck and you could hear Bob say “Yea, OK”. Team Yates/Kincaid then sailed to a third place out of thirteen A fleet boats and immediately returned the Duck to the race committee. Team Thorne was on fire last night, can you imagine if this guy showed up at Minimum weight and with a new set of sails? Gary has been one of the most consistent sailors this season so far and his results show it. This leads me into the quotes of the night. While having a three-boat length lead over Team Thorne going into the leeward pin Dina and I sailed high and sent Gary off to the left on a predominantly right shift night. Just before the finish line I looked under the boom and Team Throne crossed the finish line an easy two lengths ahead of us. After I bounced my head on the boom a couple of times I asked Gary how he did that “ Well, If the committee was favored at the start the pin is favored at the finish” well DUH let me see if I can keep that one along with staying between your competitor and the mark for the rest of the season.

With the breeze up so was B fleet with Team Hunter sailing well into A fleet a number of times with his daughter, who had not been on the boat in over a year, and they were taking names this night. A big smile on a proud dads face is what Lido sailing is all about. While sailing back to the dock Mark replied with great pride “ didn’t she sail well, that was great’. We also had a number of Family teams out last night. While sailing off the wind Team Kent with Greg Kent at the helm dad Steve and Ryan Davidson crew went into a jibe and came out clean in a 14 knot puff “ Clean as a whistle huh dad?” the laughter from the Kents boat was priceless last night. Without a leeward gate this week things were pilling up at the leeward mark and after one congested rounding Team Ryder Nesbitt came out of the mark rounding with the DUCK. Ryder said, “ I would like to explain what happened” I told him he could talk to the Duck. Ryder replied “ well wait a minute Len I take this Duck rather serious”. With the family pulling on my arm to leave Ryder accepted the Duck and was left pondering on just who might receive it next week.

There were two feel good quotes last night one from Bob Yates “ Len this series has been great, good turn out, good practice and good fun” the other was from Missy York “ Len, Thank you for the emails, it made this event that much more fun… OOH why all the? marks” Well this week I will try a new font and see if it works better. So, a perfect night on the water was closed by saying good night to Team Robertson ‘ Good night Len we will sea ya next week”

Len Bose
(714) 751-6121

Len's Lesson # 941 Comes in a form of a question. " Just what is a Nesbitt?"

(No Kim you are not over early....)

6-13-07 Newport Beach, CA Balboa Yacht Club. 14 Teams showed up for the second week of the June series to shifty 6-9 knot breeze. Team Chavez stepped up and did race committee along with Fradkin/Jackman as mark set. Nancy and Steve Chavez showed up early and quickly collected all the gear and were setting marks by 5:15. Unfortunately for Steve the wind was bouncing around like a volleyball and Steve was heard saying” HMMMM why me on my night? And IT’S NOT MY FAULT! Luckily for the fleet we had John Fradkin and Jim Jackman sign up for mark set and we kept them all moving in the shifty conditions.

(Something missing in this photo?)

Speaking of shifty! Before the night had even started team Yates found the DUCK in their boat and sold it to the Class Champions Team Robertson. Bob was overheard telling Stu “ Since your new to the Wednesday nights this is for you”. Team Robertson appeared on the course properly towing the DUCK and was quickly informed that Team Yates had not exonerated themselves properly. So, what to do? Looks like I will need to make a dentist appointment and make some teeth for the DUCK.

So with the shifty breeze and the DUCK MIA we only got in two twice around and one wind/leeward races. Team McRae was on fire last night coming off the line clean in all three races and hitting the shifts perfectly. When asked how it all came together last night Kim replied “ Nice boat, Nice crew, me need more brew” That’s not what he said although it sounds funny. Kim was lucky to get Mary Beth as crew and Mary finds herself placing well in the first two weeks of joining the fleet. Kim won the night with 7 points followed by Team Robertson with 8 and Team Yates/ Kincaid with 9 points. B fleet is having a close battle for first with Team Killian holding a small lead on Team Stoneman/Allen. Commodore Allen showed up for the battle last night with a spring in his step and “ yes, I brought an extra set of cloths” after last week dunking. New faces to Wednesday nights keep appearing with Team Hughes adding to the fun.

(It's good to be Stu)

THE TIME IS NOW! We have over 30 boats signed up for the twilights with only two more starts at M MARK. Everyone needs to make the PUSH now to attend and break all the records and the fun scale. Next week Team Papadopoulos/Brandt has signed up for race committee. Team Gauido/Swain will be back with the blend of Robertson, McRae, Fradkin and Yates the battle is set to be tight. SO! COME ON DOWN check in and compare your boat speed with most of the class champions sailing at one spot. With Paps at the Helm we can be guaranteed a well-run event and if you were planning on making one of the starts at M MARK NOW IS THE TIME! Remember free refreshments on the racecourse and after the event.


Lens Lesson # 724 " Its easy to spot the person wearing the wrong size booties"

6-6-07 Newport Beach, CA Balboa Yacht Club. The start of the June series began last night with 8-11 knot westerly breeze with 14 teams at the starting line off M Mark. As people were rigging their boats last night a quite hush came over the lot. The man in the tie-die had entered the building. Yes, the Class Champion Team Robertson was present and the game faces were clicked on one more notch.

Team Gaudio/Swain was our race committee with mark set crew Team Chavez. The course was promptly set and the racing started on schedule. With Gaudio starting the night; “ All right! We are doing it for real tonight, 3 minute starts ready?” Marks laughter along with the train whistle made the event that much more fun. Dan Rossen came up to the race committee and asked for the “DUCK” informing the committee that he is a “Richard” and after the last over early he wanted the “DUCK”. This leads me into the quotes of the night. Staff Commodore Allen when asked how he fell out of his boat before the start. “ It was me or the boat, so I took one for the boat”. Mark Gaudio when questioned by Papadopoulos about over earlies; “ OK JOHN YOU GET THE DUCK! Were is that plucking DUCK?” The other quotes from Gaudio going into the last race of the night; “ OK FOUR TIMES AROUND READY?” This one is not really a quote but you had to see the look on Johnny Currents face when he went into a gibe and found himself stuck on the leeward side, priceless.

( Stacie, Inquiring minds would like to know the comment John had just made?)

We learned a couple of things last night Team Fradkin/Schock are on fire, Mark Gaudio is an outstanding coach, Team Killian will be back in A Fleet soon I need to practice my tacking and gibing along with replacing my jib cleats before I loss my crew.

After the two twice around's and two windward /leewards in a good breeze it was time to head back to the bar. After putting everything away and heading upstairs a number of prospects were brought to my attention on who should receive the DUCK. I thought Staff Commodore Allen, “Taking one for the boat” or maybe the Gaudio/Papaopoulos conversion. After all the votes came in the DUCK goes to Team Yates/Kincaid for the port starboard at the finish line of race three. We will have the Duck cleaned up and ready team Yates/Kincaid before the next event.

Now that the Duck is taken care of it’s time for dinner and a large group gathers at the BBQ. This is just like the TV commercial” $ 35.00 cleat for the centerboard, $18.00 for refreshments for the fleet, having dinner with your closest competitors PRICELESS! The feel good quote of the night came from long time lido sailor Alan Oleson as he approached our table after dinner; “ What you guys are doing with the Lido Fleet IS GREAT! REALLY GREAT it reminds me of the day….”. Isn’t this what a sailing club is all about? THANKS Alan! You left us all with big smiles on our faces and that felt good.

COMING UP Class championships and I need volunteers to cook some hamburgers and hot dogs, August 21 after sailing that day. It should be fun; we might even have some Duck on the menu?

PRACTICE, Dina and I are thinking of practicing this Saturday. Should anyone want to join in let me know. We’re thinking around 2:30 at BYC for an hour and a half.

SIDE NOTE, if everyone that is signed up the June showed up on the same day we would have over 30 Boats WOW! That 60+ people in the bar after the race!!!


Len Bose
(714) 751-6121

Lens Lesson # 981 is in form of a question this week “ Why are hot dogs and hamburgers $ 13.00 at BYC?”


6-2-07 Newport Beach, CA Fleet 1 Championships hosted by the Newport Harbor Yacht Club produced 14 Teams, five races with overcast skies and a 6-8 southwesterly. With the yachting season in full swing our numbers were down but like they say “ Its quality not quantity”. Looking over the entry list, Team Wiese and Papadopoulos/Brandt had to be the favorites going into the event?

In the first race the line was good with the left side of the course showing more pressure. Team Papadopoulos/Brandt took the pin, squeezed out and crossed the fleet while Team Fradkin/Schock stayed on starboard and went left. At the first cross it was “FRADMAN”, I like to call him “Johnny Current”, anyway the mojo was all over the Fradkin/Schock team this weekend with four first places and a third. When I asked John how he did it his reply was simple “ I don’t know”. I know how he did it, old “Johnny Current did not miss a shift. In B fleet we had a good battle going with new fleet members David Camerini and Jane Hartly butting heads with Team Killian. The Killian team, like in the Americas Cup, decided to make a helmsmen change before the event allowing rising junior sailor Christopher to take the tiller. After crossing the finsh line the third race, in second place overall, one proud daddy was heard “Did you see that!”

(Look for name change from "Wassail" to "Proud Daddy")

We had some great quotes out on the water in this highly competitive event. For whatever reason I heard some great ones from John Papadopoulos. When starting to dance with a power boat “ Hey, lean the rules of the road and until you do, don’t come back on the water". The other was after hitting the weather mark “OOOH not again”. I was lucky to have Molly Lynch crew for me. Molly was unfortunate because I decided it was more fun to spin circles around the course. Quotes directed towards me were from team Yates/Kincaid” Humm Len, I don’t think you can do that?” When I got my head stay almost rapped around his main traveler at the start of race two and Team Davidson/York while battling for the pin on a start “ Sorry Len, you just hit me” Only Nancy would apologize for me hitting her. Along with a quote coming from me to Molly, “People keep passing me”. Probably my best quote came when awarding the new Fleet Champions their awards “ With great enthusiasm, because I know I can beat him, just not today, the new Fleet Champions Fradkin/Schock”. The Top Quote of the day came before the race even started when John Fradkin introduced himself to Kurt Wiese: “ Hello I am John Fradkin”

(WHO is Johnny Current?)

The event was fun and we have to thank John Papadopoulos for chairing the event. NHYC with race committee John and Mary Whitney for their efforts. Again, I learned from this event, circles are best done on a jet ski, and the energy of the fleet 1 is strong. It felt good when teams Schupak and Wiese both came up to me and indicated that they enjoyed reading our newsletters and would try to make our Wednesday night races.

(Yep, No Kelp?)

A BIG SHOUT OUT needs to go to Bronny Daniels for taking photos of the event along with Clarence Yoshikane for driving and producing the photo boat, THANKS Guys. EVERYONE MUST go over to WARNING!! You will spend hours going over these OUTSTANDING photos. Tons of information that will improve your skills.

(John, Tell me how you won this race?" Thats John 2nd row)

Sea Ya

Len Bose

(714) 751-6121

Len Lesson # 847 “Circles are best done on a jet ski’s”

5-30-07 Newport Beach, Ca Balboa Yacht Club. The last four races of May Twilights were sailed in a brisk 12-15 knot westerly breeze with 12 teams making it out to the start at M Mark. Jeff Keenan, John Fradkin with guest’s Nancy & Stephen Chavez was our race committee. Stephen Chavez is a 25-year member of BYC and sailed with “THE BOYS” at OCC back in the day. With the purchase of a classic Lido Steve has all the intensions of retuning to the fleet and hearing the inflection in his voice we have one good prospect.

With plenty of breeze we started the night with three “Twice Around” races followed up with a windward/leeward. At the end of that forth race I was starting to feel it but I wasn’t about to say anything to my BYC Junior sailor Megan Kenney. Megan had just come in from 420 practices and called the strategy of the night with the course being center right favored with a number of large puffs coming down the course. Unfortunately for us we had not sailed before and I let a number of boats pass us after rounding the weather mark in second place. You can feel the passion of the sport all around Miss Kenny and it will be great fun watching this one grow up at BYC. We also had another Junior Team show up of Kincaid/Davidson that made a strong showing. I have faced Colin Kincaid many time’s sailing with his father and have watched Ryan Davidson, as one of the most naturally gifted sailors, that I have seen in a long time. These two were going to keep us on our toes. Ryan committed before the race; “Bring it on Mr. Bose” the kid got manners but something about being called Mr. Bose makes you say shit! We need to thank Becky and Renee for the job they are doing with our junior sailors and encourage the Davidson/Kenny’s of BYC. With the talent these kids are displaying it wont be long before other clubs will try to recruit them. With the “breeze on” and the addition of the leeward gates very little quacking went on and the DUCK was not awarded this week. Although Larry Walter’s name was thrown in for blowing out his main sheet block in the first race. Funny how, with the breeze on, most of the comments go unheard. With this in mind only three “Quotes of the night” come to mind with two coming from Megan Kenny; “ I don’t know why they call them senior sabots, they are plenty FAST!” The other was just seconds before Rowell Greene flipped his sabot “ look that boats full of water”. The last Quote of the night came at the perfect time. I was walking to the parking lot thinking of my mistakes on the course, feeling sorry for myself when Dave Willke came by and said, “ Keep those emails coming Len! Brooke and I will be out there soon” that with the Juniors and Mr. sailing together along with a number of people returning to the club makes you feel like you belong to an old time sailing club once again.

Fleet Championship this weekend, why sit on a keel boat for six hours and do three races when you can do 7 races in half the time?

MARK YOUR CALANDER BYC pre Class Championship Clinic and Races August 11& 12. Everyone is welcome. Call for details.

NEW IDEA Fleet 1 Pizza party with rules seminar. Open to anyone that receives this email. John Papadopoulos has purchased an instructional DVD and came up with this idea. I know it will be time well spent before the main event this year. Drop a line if you want more details. “ THIS ONE IS A MUST DO”

NEXT WEEK team Gauido/Swain will be race committee. This will work well and with the proper questions you might be able to get some top level coaching out of it. Or just come on down and get on the committee boat for the play by play.


Len Bose
(714) 751-6121

Lens Lesson # 563 " In battle the captain alone can judge of certain arrangements. It depends on him alone to conquer difficulties by his own superior talents and resolutions".

B Fleet Winners

A Fleet Winners

5-23-07 Newport Beach, Ca 4th week of the BYC Twilights continued this week with absolutely perfect conditions that brought out 16 teams. With clear skys, warm temperatures, barking sea lions, and the thought of summer. 32 people gathered at M Mark at 1800 to watch me pull the DUCK around the course. I have become very attached to this DUCK and have completed the proper Coast Guard documentation, paid the department of equalization its user tax and am in continuing negotiations with the County of Orange on the value of the DUCK because it is truly priceless.

OK! Back to racing Jeff Keenan & Gordon Wanless volunteered for race committee this week and had the fleet racing ahead of schedule with two windward/leeward twice around followed by two windward/leeward for four great races. With the growing numbers of competing teams the addition of a leeward gate was added this week to the agreement of the competitors. Gordon Wanless commented; “In the last race we moved the committee boat back ten yards to keep the fleet on its toes”. This team did an outstanding job for us with a square starting line that lead to no over early, the perfect course and the leeward gate and don’t forget the beverages. WELL DONE!
The number of teams stayed the same this week although new teams to the event were Yates/Kincaid, Stoneman/Allen and the return of Larry Walters. Like I have said; “the momentum is ours”. The DUCK was passed to Dan Rossen after the first race. The Rossen/Wooters had a good race going and after the second lap they decided they wanted to do another lap while everyone else was finishing. Dan replied “ you want to put this DUCK were”? Dan kept the DUCK for the third race because he decided he was over early and retuned to find out he was free and clear. This lead to great quotes of the night Rossen; “ I was doing so well”. Team Gaudio/Swain to Bose/Corsi on the first beat of the last race; “ There you go Lenny baby one clear lane” as they crossed ahead setting up for the lay line. You have to love this type of sailing and the “Good Times” it leads to. Twenty of your closest friends having dinner together and talking about sailing that leads to some great rocking chair moments!

PLEASE sign up for our Fleet Championships June 2nd. We are excited about the trophies and it looks like 1st place in A&B fleet will be an Electric Boat cruise for you and your crews with dates and a party basket. Retail value will be around $ 700.00.
FLEET DUES! This what keeps us going? Make sure you have a black sticker on your boat before the fleet championships. EVERYONE
LIDO BOAT COVERS anyone need a new boat cover? Rumor as it that there is a great deal going round contact us or John Papadopoulos at “DOUBLE WAVE” and get more information.
NEW IDEA! With the Championships getting closer the idea of asking Newport Harbor Yacht Club to run some races for us in the month of July? This would place us closer to the event site and make our fleet that much stronger. LET ME KNOW?
CATALINA IS CALLING! I have to go. Everyone have a safe weekend and we will sea ya next Wednesday night

5-16-07 Newport Beach, CA Lido Fleet 1. 3rd week of BYC Twilights produced a record turn out for this season with 16 teams showing up at M Mark at 1800. A cool breeze greeted our fleet with 5-6 knots out of the southwest that produced three races before the wind shut off.
Craig Fletcher and Clarence Yoshikane volunteered for race committee this week and got the job done. The Fletcher/Yoshiane team showed up early and were on the water with the marks set well before race time. When approach the starting area Fletch asked; “ Is the course long enough?” I replied “ perfect although the committee boat was favored” Craig responded “ I know, I want to see if the fleet notices that the left has more wind and less current?” I was thinking right but after Craig’s comment I found myself at the pin and going left. This only paid for the first two races when the right came in for the last race and team Thorne/Lynch was all over it and won the last race.
The blend of the teams is what makes this healthy for sailing. Two teams picked up junior members Gunner Torre and Ryan Davidson who had just come in from 420 practices. Molly Lynch came down and teamed up with Gary Thorne along with four other family teams. This recipe makes for “Good Times” at the yacht club.

Before the race started I was telling Fletch on how to award the “ DUCK”. Craig replied; “ you are just going to get it”. Well, it seems I earned it again by winning the second race then going to the back of the fleet the last race. I also have something with orange boats and cant keep clear of them. With one of three quotes of the night coming from John Papadopoulos; “ Len! You just fouled everyone and hit the weather mark”. We also watched Amy Simmons have a difficult 3rd race. When approaching the leeward mark she came a little close to another team, hit the mark, and then ran into the anchor line at the finish. Amy quote: “ You don’t want me to do a circle do you?” Then there was the race committee, Craig had a hard time with whistle and the starting sequence and just kept blowing the thing. Craig’s quote “ OK, I f**ked up, lets try again”. So, that’s the deal you fleet one decides on who gets the DUCK for the first race next week Bose, Simmons or the race committee. I will need five or more votes to changes Fletchers call. One quick note, I don’t think there is anyone who is have more fun out there than Amy!

PLEASE sign up for our Fleet Championships June 2nd. The NOR is up at We are excited about the trophies and it looks like 1st place in A&B fleet will be an Electric Boat cruise for you and your crews with dates and a party basket. Retail value will be around $ 700.00.

We Fleet 1 need to show a little brotherly love for our neighbor fleet by racing at their regatta. Not that I want any more Orange boats around but Muller, Killian, Bose, Papadopoulos, and any other Fleet 1 team that can show up this Sunday would be Huge!

Sea ya!

Lens Lesson # 2 “Don’t tack, leebow, within the two boat length circle at the weather mark”. That’s bad.

5-2-07 Newport Beach, Ca – BYC has kicked off Twilights racing early this season and the Lido fleet went big. Fourteen teams showed to outstanding weather and wind out of the west at 8 knots. This was Jeff Keenans last trick has race committee and he did an outstanding job. On the start of the second race I heard Jeff’s voice load and clear Sail # 4910 over early and while clearing “ COME ON LEN CLEAR YOURSELF, OK GO!” Along with Jeff the whole fleets enthusiasm is strong and fun.

Mark Gaudio & David Swain came out and showed us all how it was done. Only John Papadopoulos and Stacie Brandit were able to take a race from the Gaudio/Swain team. Everyone knows Gaudio is fast I never have had a chance to sail a Lido against him before and when he jumps into fast forward it makes you wonder just what the hell you just missed. To bad I cant rewind and take a slower look at how he does it? The luckiest person on the water was Steve Mueller looking for a pick up crew. Steve found Megan Kenny, one of BYC upcoming 12 year old junior stars. Steve committed, “Megan noticed and reported wind coming from the left side of the course and looking up the course that the boats on port tack were bow down”. Steve, I think you should keep a tab on page 77 in the BYC roster book. The quote of the night came from Eric Heim when we were rounding the weather mark in race two in the back of the pack Buster said, “I got a third row start on a one row line” GOOD TIMES! Amy Simmons also had some heat on last night and took a fifth in one race. I wish I had a photo when she crossed the finsh line and saw her five year old Carley and dad pulling for mom. It was also good to see Carole & Phil Quirk out. It’s been a couple of years since the last time the Quiks were on the race course and I saw them get around the weather mark in 3rd or 4th one race. Now that the fleet is almost at 15 boats and growing we will have a B fleet with its own start and awards keeping it fun for everyone. As I said good race to Jess Gerry at the end of the last race and that I needed his email he noted, “You already have it and I have been meaning to get out here, THIS IS GREAT! Thank you!”. This event is really growing with people like Don Stoughton stopping me at the steps of the club and saying “ Len, I love your emails and I am starting to think how much fun it would be to get back out there and mix it up”. Don, we would love to have you and anyone else that wants to join in? This makes me reflect that this type of event is what makes a great sailing club with young and not as young members going out and having a fun sail.

Next Wednesday night we will be racing and we need race committee? Everyone should bring a six pack for the cooler. No one received the” DUCK” last week so race committee will be awarding the “DUCK” this coming week. I need comments on our format ex: breaks, no breaks, Its working don’t fix it. We had 14 boats we can make 15 this week?

5-9-07 Newport Beach, CA 2nd week of the BYC Twilights sailed off M mark. With the ending the whirlwind of regattas, opening days, other boat programs along with the end of Little League season it’s summer time.
Eleven teams showed up to a fog bank and light breeze for this weeks racing. Becky Lenhart volunteered for race committee this week. Becky committed when opening up the cooler for refreshments” WHAT, No f***ing Ziti?!” Seems that no one read the fine print about potluck refreshments?
Old faces are starting to come down and join into our fun. This week it was Karen & Gary Thorne that showed up. The Breeze was ok for the first race about 6-7 knots with a big left shift that worked for Heim/Green team and gave them a first. The next race the wind was at 5k and while rounding the weather mark the wind went flat and the fleet struggled to the leeward mark. While rounding the leeward mark a large amount of conversation was taking place. This is when the Gaudio/Swain team rounded wide, put the bow down and passed four boats. After being on the phone this morning and getting bits and pieces of the debate at the leeward the “Duck” will be given to the Nesbitt/DeCurtis team for their debating skills. Sorry guys you went three for three in the survey this morning. The two quotes of the night that I over heard, “ Hey, Coach I need to go P” & “ Coach can I sit out I have a tooth ach” and “ Are we having a pizza party tonight”

Our next task is to find a way to keep the, old and new faces, welcome them and make sure they come back. It would be great to see the Doyles, Quirks, and the Thornes all return. Our prospect list is still growing and with the upcoming fleet boat we will be looking to have twenty boats on the starting line.
PLEASE sign up for our Fleet Championships June 2nd. We are excited about the trophies and it looks like 1st place in A&B fleet will be an Electric Boat cruise for you and your crews with dates and a party basket. Retail value will be around $ 700.00.

Balboa Yacht Club
Twilight Series
May 9
Series Summary
Pl Sail Crew From 1 2 T
1 5151 Mark Gaudio & Dave Swain BCYC 2 2 4
2 2833 Chris Nesbitt & Renee DeCurtis BYC 3 3 6
3 512 Kim McRae & Judy Gorski BYC 6 1 7
4 6188 John Papadopoulos & Stacie Brandt BYC 4 5 9
5 4732 Eric Heim & Shannon Green DPYC 1 11 12
6 4535 John Fradkin & Ruth Schock BYC 8 4 12
7 4865 Gary Thorne & Karen Thorne BYC 5 7 12
8 4017 Jess Gerry BCYC 9 6 15
9 6048 Randy Carper BYC 7 10 17
10 4370 Ryder Nesbitt BYC 10 8 18
11 2341 Mooers Family BYC 12\DNF 9 21
9 May, '07, 19:17
St. Pete Scorer

Sea Ya,
Lens lesson # 888 “ Double tie all shoe laces, and go to the bathroom before the game”

This year I purchased Lido #4910 and found the perfect crew Dina Corsi. Our goal this year is to finsh in the top fifteen in the class championship. The championship will be sailed in Newport Beach August 19-22 and we feel our goal is obtainable. Lido 14 Fleet 1 has voted me in as the new fleet captain; I guess I should not have missed the Fleets annual meeting and elections. I am very proud of this honor and will do my best to promote Lido 14 sailing.

People are committing about the down turn in sailing and the lack of continuity in our sport. In search for that old-fashioned sailing club and returning to the grassroots of sailing I have found the Lido 14. This type of sailing has brought new energy to myself and I feel I am improving on my sailing skills. This is something I have not felt since college.
Our first order of business was to start up the Twilight Series a month early with the time change this year. The following are the reports from our last four events.

3/28/07 Newport Beach, CA – Lido Fleet 1 has kicked off Wednesday night racing two months early. Newly elected fleet 1 captain, Len Bose said, “ With the early time change and the upcoming Championships in August, this is the perfect opportunity to get an early jump into the season”.
Wednesday, under sunny skies and short choppy waters just in front of the Balboa Yacht Club with our start/finsh line next to M mark. Five teams were enthusiastic for the up coming season and braved the cool breezes from the northwest at 10-15 knots, allowing for four races in an hour and a half. Dock start time is 5:30 and all five entries will be attending next weeks race.

We need a volunteer to run the races and with three more racers indicating their attendance we should have 8-10 Boats. So, come on down, Len said he is willing to launch boats for anyone who wants a running start.
SEA YA all at the Harry Wood regatta this Sunday race starts at 12:00 in the turning basin.
Balboa Yacht Club
Lido 14 Twilight Tune Up
March 28, 2007
Series Summary

Sail Crew Fm 1 2 3 4 T
1 4910 Len Bose & Dina BYC 2 1 1 4 8
2 512 Kim McRae & Judy BYC 3 2 3 1 9
3 6163 Chris Nesbitt & Kelsey BYC 1 3 2 3 9
4 4000 Larry Walter & ? CYC 4 4 4 2 14
5 6297 Chris Killian & Porter BYC 5 5 5 5 20
29 Mar, '07, 11:47

4/03/07 – Newport Beach, CA – Lido Fleet 1 Light Southern California breezes greeted sailors on week 2 of the Early Birds Twilights. With over cast sky’s nine boats showed up at the starting line next to M mark in front of the Balboa Yacht Club. Jeff Keenan & Ryder Nesbit volunteered as race committee, Jeff Keenan said, “ This was fun! Ryder and I were calling play by play around the course. Do you need help for next week? How much for a good racing Lido?”
It was a good time with nine boats on the line and as many as five more showing next week. Fleet 1 will be providing refreshments off the start boat next week. A bright yellow “afflac” duck will be purchased and placed in or towed behind the competitors boat that gets a little to intense for a Wednesday night race. Maybe a little Swag will be given out for the first boat on the course, person with the youngest crew, oldest person, strangest hat, etc.
As Chuck Simmons crewing with his five year old Carley said, “ That was fun Len Sea ya next week”

1. Chris Nesbitt 3,5,1=9
2. Larry Walters 4,3,2=9
3. Kim&Judy 2,2,10=14
4. Muller 5,1,10=16
5. Paps 1,7,10=18
6. Killian 6,9,3=18
7. Mooers 10,4,4=18
8. Bose 7,6,5= 18
9. Simmons 8,8,10=26

4/11/07- Newport Beach, CA – Lido 14 Fleet 1. 8-12 Knots of breeze and a lot of weed greeted 13 competitors on week 3 of the Early Birds Twilights. All boats were off the dock by 5:30 to find a large amount of seaweed brought into the bay by the large swell running this week. Commenting on the racing conditions, one competitor said, “ All this weed is killing my buzz DUDE!” While most of the competitors looked like crew members from the TV show deadliest catch the race committee of Jeff Keenan and Becky Lenhart rounded up all 13 entries and started race one of six in short order.

Race one Chris Nesbit took the pin and was launched and won the first race. After finshing race one, racers were very pleased to find refreshment cooler on the race committee boat. Chris Killian from Bev Mo provided green and silver cans for all. After five more races in an hour and half time we were all headed back to the dock. While de rigging the boats race committee Jeff Keenan distributed the fleet with some swag that was provided by Len Bose Yacht Sales and Double Wave. Kim McRae kept saying, “ Len, this is great, six races, beer and a bailer. PERFECT!

After de rigging our boats most everyone headed up to the BYC bar where our Commodore Craig Reynolds greeted us and made sure there was some bar food for everyone. With all the wind and weed it was difficult to award the “Aflac Duck” on the water this week. Although while winding down it was decided to give the award to John Papadopoulos and Stacie for sailing one extra beat and knocking out Stacie’s tooth with the whisker pole this team did win the day. As Carley, Amy & Chuck Simmons” the whole family” said, “ Why cant we do this every week”
We will sea ya all next week, lets get that 15 boat’s to attend. Its all about "tiller time" and fun.

Balboa Yacht Club
Twilight Tune Up
April 11, 2007
Series Summary
Pl Sail Crew From 1 2 3 4 5 6 T
1 6188 John Papadopoulos & Stacie BYC 2 3 3 5 1 7 21
2 512 Kim McRae & Judy BYC 8 1 6 1 5 2 23
3 4910 Len Bose & Dina BYC 6 11 1 3 3 1 25
4 6163 Chris Nesbitt & Kelsey BYC 1 7 7 2 8 4 29
5 2833 Renee DeCurtis & Heather BYC 5 2 2 12 4 5 30
6 4000 Larry Walter & Moz CYC 7 4 4 11 2 9 37
7 1007 Dan Rossen & Ashley SSYC 10 6 5 6 7 3 37
8 4535 John Fradkin & Ruth BYC 9 5 11 9 9 6 49
9 6255 Steve Mueller & Chris K BYC 4 10 14\DNF 4 6 14\DNS 52
10 4370 Ryder Nesbitt BYC 13 8 10 7 10 8 56
11 3496 Simmons Family BYC 3 12 9 8 14\DNS 14\DNS 60
12 6200 CJ Lewis & Kim BYC 11 9 8 10 14\DNS 14\DNS 66
13 4483 Beth Doyle & Brian BYC 12 13 14\DNF 14\DNS 14\DNS 14\DNS 81
11 Apr, '07, 19:38

4/18/07- Newport Beach, CA- Lido Fleet 1 A low pressure system that blew into Southern California on Tuesday night produced 26K average breeze with 34 knot puffs that kept competitors from rigging their boats and racing cancelled. Ten skippers and crews came by to check out the breeze and all the news helicopters reporting the sailboat on the rocks. The consensus was we would blow up our boats.

John Papadopoulos and Chris Nesbitt felt like taking the challenge and practice some high wind reaching. John also wanted to get rid of the duck and exonerate himself so off he went with MY CREW! After about 15 min John’s mast bent in half while running off in a HUGE puff. On their return Dina said, “ ok that was cool”. In the mean time Chris Nesbitt rigged a 420 and hit the water with Renee DeCurtis and went planning around the bay. Jeff Keenan and Steve Muller were on the escort boat and helped John and Dina get back to the dock.

Everyone went up to the bar and was still figuring out ways to promote the fleet at 10:00 PM. Team Racing is the next step! Only one more week left before twilights start and we want 15 boats next week?
Let me know if you can come down and race. We will have a boat ready for you?

4/25/07- Newport Beach, CA –Lido Fleet 1 Perfect Southern California conditions greeted sailors on week 5 of the early Birds Twilights. With clear sky’s and breeze 7-9knots from the SW ten teams made it out to the starting line for four races in an hour and a half. Jeff Keenan was our race committee and was on the course early getting the marks ready, “ Looks like perfect race conditions tonight Len! Ready for a twice around
course?” Jeff has been getting this race committee stuff down because the whole time he is passing out cold refreshments to all the participants and starting us on time.
The last five weeks has produced some very close racing with the competitors doing there 360 when they earn one. Although, there was one red boat that caught the eye of the race committee that seemed to seeing things differently or not seeing them at all? SO! Out came the Duck and yes you will see the Duck being pulled on the back of my boat tonight for the first race.

The night turned out to be one of those “GOOD TIMES” sailing with all your friends and heading up to the bar after some great racing. Up stairs in full BYC bar the fleet was greeted bar food and took note of the upcoming Class Championships and the need for volunteers from fleet one? We also heard from our fleet measurer John Papadopoulos, “ Call me and make an appointment to get your boats measured now! You can reach John at (949) 515-0597. We then THANKED Jeff Keenan for his race committee work and Jeff took great pleasure in awarding the DUCK with the help of Chuck Simmons. After the guys were done with me and awarded me the DUCK and, with my 47 Birthday only four days away, I started to question my own eye sight. After some long thought I came to realize that Chuck is as old as me and he cant see shit either! Remember, I am older now and crankey too!!! As Chuck left that night “ Len, Amy is going to use her boat can I use the fleet boat?” Well I not sure if the fleet boat is ready Chuck, but I sure would like to see ya on the water tonight!

Balboa Yacht Club
Lido 14 Twilight Tune Up
April 25, 2007
Series Summary
Pl Sail Crew Fm 1 2 4 T
1 4910 Len Bose & Dina BYC 5 1 2 3 11
2 2833 Renee DeCurtis & Paige BYC 4 2 3 4 13
3 512 Kim McRae & Judy BYC 2 6 7 1 16
4 4535 John Fradkin & Ruth BYC 1 4 1 11\DSQ 17
5 6255 Steve Mueller & Kelsey BYC 6 3 4 11\DNS 24
6 6163 Chris Nesbitt & Ashley BYC 11\OCS 7 6 2 26
7 6188 John Papadopoulos & Stacie BYC 7 11\DNF 5 5 28
8 6297 Chris Killian BYC 3 5 11\DNF 11\DNS 30
9 3496 Amy Simmons BYC 9 8 8 11\DNS 36
10 6200 Kim Zuelsdorf & Jeff BYC 8 9 11\DNF 11\DNS 39
26 Apr, '07, 11:13