Monday, February 26, 2018

On the Harbor: Well this time...I’m on terra firma

Every so often my wife, Jennifer, and I will head up to Paso Robles for our wedding anniversary and considering this year was our 25th anniversary, it was time to go on a vacation that did not involve boating.
We started this pilgrimage 24 years ago and found the bed and breakfast – Summerwood Winery & Inn. This modern farmhouse concept has always felt extremely comfortable to us, so we have returned five times over the years.
Summerwood Inn

We have made changes to our route over time and now prefer to have a big lunch before wine tasting and picnic in the room for dinner. We found ourselves a little too puckered up and over saturated from a day of tasting to appreciate a fine dinner at a restaurant.
Before our journey started, I had asked some friends Lori Bowman and Tad Springer, who I have noticed head up to Paso Robles annually, for their recommendations on which of the wineries we should visit.

Our first stop was at DAOU, where we had made a 12:30 p.m. reservation and barely made it on time after all the LA traffic and departing Huntington Beach at 8 a.m. Most of the wineries now prefer reservations and private tastings to open tasting rooms of the past. The DAOU winery is spectacular with breathtaking views at an elevation of 2,200 feet above the Adelaida District. Jennifer and I decided to ignore the cold crisp breeze rolling through the mountains and selected to sit outside for our tasting. While the Falcons soared beneath us, Jennifer and I quickly became at one with the lawn furniture and the wine while both releasing full sighs after the long drive. The presentation at DAOU was overwhelming, and I have now learned that I need to drink the wines we purchased at home before commenting on my likes or dislikes.
Our second stop of the day was at Denner Vineyards which we had visited before some eight years ago. Denner produces some of Paso’s best wines, so we had to return to this gorgeous winery. The prices bunched me up a bit, but I wanted more and purchased one bottle of their 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon. This is a big buck winery and it shows from the moment you pull into the parking lot with astonishing views and friendly consultants. Our appointment was with David who described the wines seductively with a touch of humor along with his celebrity impersonations. Good times were had and we will return. Should we be carrying a big bag of gold, we plan on staying at the Comus house in one of their four rooms at Denner. These rooms are magnificent with a commanding view of the valleys below.
Closing time at most of the Paso wineries is 5 p.m., and we were running out of time, so we pulled into Jada which is just down the street. I liked the wines, although I was still a little overwhelmed by the prices at Denner and didn’t purchase anything at this stop. We ran into a nice couple and came to find out that he had also graduated from Edison High school two years before me. This kicked up the energy level, so we had one more stop in us at Dilecta. The owner and winemaker are Orin Stang, who had previously worked at Booker and Law Estate Wines. The tasting room was a small barn offering no views, but Stang poured the wines himself. I purchased two bottles: one was named Tiller, a Syrah and the other – an unorthodox Syrah. While walking back to the car, Jennifer commented that she didn’t care much for the wines and questioned me on why I had purchased them? I simply said, “I don’t know.” The odd thing is when we returned home, these wines were fantastic, and I won’t hesitate to purchase more. This is when it came to me that the hilltop wineries with their views seemed to have made their wines taste better.

Calcareous Views
Day two started with a 10:30 a.m. appointment at Law Estate Wines and OMG…this place is beautiful and a must see. Reservations only, where we met Madison who was an intern from Florida who had only been there for two months and was as knowledgeable as someone who had lived in Paso their entire life. Law Estate Wines is another hilltop winery and is just below DAOU. We purchased their 2014 bottle of Sagacious, a blend of Mourvedre, Syrah, and Grenache, along with a bottle of Audacious, which is a blend of Rhone and Bordeaux varietals. Parker gave them both high ratings, so I’m hoping the view did not influence my decision to purchase. From Law, we crossed the street and went down to Calcareous, which turned out to be, in our opinion, the best value in all of Paso Robles. Wondrous views, outstanding wines at attractive prices. At this time, we took a break for lunch and went downtown to Buona Tavola, an Italian eatery that we were both very pleased with, and found it refreshing to take a Pellegrino water break.
After a lunch break, we headed over to Turley because they have always been my favorite red Zinfandel vineyard, and as always was not disappointed. In fact, their prices are much more affordable than most of the hilltop vineyards.
So that’s it…another memorable anniversary in Paso. I will be getting back on the water in my next column with a review of the San Diego to Puerto Vallarta race starting on March 2. Wish us luck and we’ll be sailing on the yacht Horizon again.
Sea ya!
Len Bose is a yachting enthusiast, yacht broker and harbor columnist for StuNewsNewport.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

On the Harbor: Keeping you updated on the winter series races and more…

The mighty AMANTE dominates winter series
To say that things around the harbor are “heating up” is a bit of pun with the weather we have been having.
I was in Basin Shipyard this last week and they are working hard with the yard at full capacity. While walking by the outside of the shipyard it reminded me of a busy Sunday morning at the Galley restaurant with all the customers wrapped out around the corner waiting for their table.

Over at Newport Harbor Shipyard, things seem to be just as busy with a number of large racing sailboats getting ready for the upcoming season. Two new race boats, to our harbor, have been recently added with Newport Harbor Yacht Club members Jim Bailey having purchased the Trans Pac 52 “Destroyer” and David Team recently purchased  the Trans Pac 52 “Vesper”. Destroyer will be making her Southern California sailing debut in the Islands Race on February 16. Vesper has been seen heading out of the harbor looking for wind to start practicing for the upcoming season. They are headed to San Diego February 10 - 11 to compete in the TP 52 Mid-Winters event that promises to have nine TP 52 boats attending. ( Update: Vesper dominated the first day of races during the Mid-Winters and broke a spreader during a spinnaker set and had to withdraw from remained of the regatta.)

If you are wondering about the outcome of our winter series races across the harbor…here are the results. In the BYC Sunkist Series, in PHRF class A with no throwout – James Dealings’ “Carbon Footprint” took first and held off team “It’s OK. In B class, The Richley family aboard “Amante” kept rolling for the win and in class C “Doubletime” swept the series with straight bullets. The real race in class C was for second with Bill McKeever’s “Reliance” holding off Brian Dougherty’s “Legacy.” Class D came down to a tiebreaker for first with Ray Booth sailing “Altheris” just nipping out John Szalay’s “Pussycat.”
Over at the BCYC Hot Rum Series, in PHRF C, Bob Wine sailing “Carioca” won the class. “Pussycat” took class B and “Amante” won class A. In the Harbor 20 NHYC Winter series, Ann and Kurt Wiese won class A, Doug Rastello brought home the class B trophy and Kathryn Reed held on to her lead to win class C.

Nate Dunham 17.97 Halibut
The Balboa Angling Club is off to a fast start this year. Harbor 20 sailor and past Balboa Angling Club President Chris Allen took off on New Year’s Eve with crewmember Nate Dunham aboard his boat “Taravana.” Dunham caught a 16.71 lb. BFT (I hope that means bluefin tuna) and a 5.42 lb. yellowtail, which allows Allen to bring home the first two flags of the year. Allen described the weather as perfect with flat seas and a whole lot of fish. He still had a rather large smile when telling me about his trip a month later. Another big day at the Angling center is receiving the 1,700 juvenile sea bass on January 19, 2018. I assume most of you are familiar with the sea bass cages in the mooring fields just in front on the Balboa Angling Club. The sea bass are released later in the year, with the volunteers from the center talking care of them in the meantime.
Upper Bay

Upper Newport Bay channel markers
News around the harbor: A number of topics have been brought up during the Harbor Commission meetings, and I have heard some rumors around the harbor. It has been indicated that three old channel markers 6, 10 & 12 will be removed and replaced with new floating markers. This is long overdue, and we can only hope this task is completed this year. Another topic broke the surface at the last meeting, and that is marine recycling so that all you boaters will now have a place to dispose of your hazardous waste without driving miles inland to do so properly. I’ve heard these centers will be around the harbor sooner rather than later. My little harbor birds also informed me that the upper bay channel markers have a very good chance of being lit up at night, so you can make your way through the upper bay much easier when it’s dark. The word around the harbor, during the recent Blue Moon high tides, is that the amount of flotsam that was collected was overwhelming. One boatsman from the NHYC reported that he scooped up a whole drowned chicken. The good news is that with the large water flush, people are telling they have never seen the water so clear. This is very good news for the harbor, because when you add the amount of sunlight we have been having, the chance of a good crop of eelgrass might follow for this year’s surveys. Remember eelgrass is our friend!
Wish us wind and luck as we will be competing in the Islands race on “Horizon” in preparation for this year’s Puerto Vallarta race.
Sea ya!
Len Bose is a yachting enthusiast, yacht broker and harbor columnist for StuNewsNewport.

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

SC 50+ Horizon: This is why we are FAST


Had some work completed for us last year before Hawaii

This is what we found at this years haul out

Bottom Damage at Haul Out

Carbon cloth was used for spot repairs behind keel. They have delineated possibly the substrate was wet and not thoroughly dry before applying. We inspected the damaged area of the interior and it visually is intact meaning no signs of cracks. 

Reinforcing applied with fairing glaze

Areas of touch up and rudder to shop for white bottom paint finish

Horizon Rudder with new white bottom paint

First coating of proline epoxy primer

Epoxy primer Strut

Keel White application


Ready to launch

Looks like she is doing 20Knots just setting there

This is why you have Team Choate  work on the bottom of your boat!
If you cannot beat us I suggest you join us at  " Diversified Composites"  (562) 366-9698.

Saturday, February 03, 2018

LBYS Good Start to 2018:


2018 SOLD:
                                          2005 28' Alerion
Represented Seller

                                          2014 Duffy 21' Sundeck
Represented Buyer & Seller
                                         2010 Duffy 22' Cuddy
Represented Buyer & Seller
                                          2015 Duffy 22' BayIsland
Represented Buyer & Seller
                                          2014 Duffy 22' BayIsland
Represented Buyer & Seller.
Three deals in contract with new listings arriving daily and strong showings. Time for a bottom turn and get back on it! Check out the comparable sales on your Duffy at