Tuesday, October 25, 2005



For the last five years I have watched in admiration and esteem. This True Yachtsman has gone the extra mile for the Newport Beach sailing seen. He has placed a spark in a dying class and has intravenously placed the FUN back into sailing.
This is not a new idea; he did not redevelop the wheel! He just picked up the phone and said “Hey, You want to have fun sailing this weekend?” Come on down, race against your friend’s, will have some drinks and my band will play at the end of the day.
This is not the fleet championship, nationals or world’s championships its grass roots sailing at it’s best. You can have your kid crew for you or you can crew for your kid. All you need is a Lido 14 and let the “GOOD TIMES” role. You also need someone like Scott Porter to put the fun back into sailing.


Thursday, October 20, 2005

“ Where does a thousand pound Sea Lion sleep”

Newport Beach's "BIG DEAL".

Its old news about the Sea Lions in town. It’s not legal for us to shoot them or cattle prod them. So, what’s the answer to keeping them off our boats? You can do nothing and hope they don’t see your boat.

Another option is grab some trash out of the yacht club trash bin, although not sure how this will hold up in next months north winds. I can see all the lawn chairs floating out to sea and all the wood platforms taking out a number of props. This is not the answer

I also noticed custom woodworking, kayaks, iceboxes, fenders; milk creates, lots of lines and knots, spikes, drugged pongee sticks, and nets. Maybe we should place shock collars on them? It’s starting to look like Friday trash pick up day out on the moorings. SO, What’s the answer?

This is the answer, interesting that two brothers with the last name Seals came up with the best answer. Dan and Bill Seals went to their local canvas shop and purchased the meshed nettings used for windshields to cover the swim step and cockpit of their boats. It looks great and works. “This is how you solve the problem,” I’ve read that an upside down plastic carpet mat will work in the cockpit.

Before the winter storm come through this season let's bring in our trash cans and make our town look better. What's the positive part of all this is? The sea lions are the only ones doing something about the derelict boats on the moorings.

Monday, October 17, 2005



The purpose of this association shall be to encourage shorthanded sailing, manage the SCSSA sailing series and award a Southern California Shorthanded Sailing Champion. To promote the start of a shorthanded sailing one design class.

The proposed schedule:

Whitney Around Catalina March 4
66 Series Random Leg or Catalina & Back March 18 & 19*
DPYC Ensenada Tune Up April 3
NOSA Ensenada April 22
BCYC Random Leg May 13*
CBYC Around Catalina May 27/28
LBYC Island Series June 10/11
DPYC Seal Beach July 15*
SSYC Around Catalina July 22
BYC Long Point Aug 25
DPYC San Clemente Sept. 2-3
BCYC Series Sept 16, Oct 7, Nov5 *

* Indicates a Single Handed Class
( I now have to call the yacht clubs and make sure it is OK with them)


Points for Series Champion


15 Boats in Class or more

1st 10 Points
2nd 8 Points
3rd 6 Points
4th 5 Points
5th 4 Points

10 Boats or less

1st 5 Points
2nd 4 Points
3rd 3 Points


15 Boats in Class or more

1ST 20 Points
2nd 18 Points
3rd 17 Points
4th 16 Points
5th 15 Points

10 Boats in Class or less

1st 10 Points
2nd 8 Points
3rd 7 Points

All points will stay with ALL competitors. In other words you don’t need to own a boat to compete.


( EXAMPLE: “SOAP OPERA” the Hobie 33 team that just completed Trans Pac would both get 20 Points)

This was posted as to get a feel for interest, ideas. I will be going over this years race results to get an Idea of who would have won this year. Anyone who would like to get on the list or help me get this series started please contact me.

Len Bose
(714) 751-6121

Talk slowly but think quickly.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

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