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The MASTHEAD 12-30-07 Issue # 2

Welcome back aboard “ The Masthead”. I am assuming you all have read last weeks article and remember what the Air Force is doing with the GPS Constellation, that the Navy is doing torpedo firing exercise, the Marines are blowing up stuff and it’s a bad idea to head to Catalina for New Years eve? NO! You better take a look before you push away from the dock this week.
Up in the CROWS NEST this week I still have David Beek from Island Marine fuel located on Balboa Island. It’s cold up there and Dave is starting to shake the rigging. I told him I would only let him down if he gave me an interview.

Q. What is the best way to approach your fuel dock?
A. Island Marine Fuel is a full service dock. Just place your bow at the dock and let the guys take it from there.

Q. Dave! It’s not that easy, come on! What should the yachtsman do!
A. OK, Bring your boat in with the fill side to the dock, turn off all engines, blow out all lamps, turn down your music, make sure your propane tanks are turned off, make sure all your port lights& hatches are closed, turn your cell phone & Ipods off and the attendant will be right there to help you.

Q. In the summer months, I have noticed a line to get to the dock. What is the proper way to get in line?
A. Ask the attendant how long the wait is and who is last in line? You can do this over the water or by using your hailer. This also helps us remember who is next.

Q. How do you read the current from your dock?
A. I normally look at the sand on the beach. If I see wet sand, the water is going out. Dry sand the water is coming in.

Q. I have a big Boat, yea right, and I want to fill it up. What should I do?
A. If you are going to take over a 1,000 gallons give me a call and I will be ready for you. This gives me time to pick up your favorite wine and lunch and have it ready for you on your arrival.

Q. I noticed your guys like to work the pumps.
A. We are a full survive dock and it’s truly easier for use to work the pumps. That’s what we do. We look for the vents, how to deal with static electricity, we have lots of pads to pick up any spills or overflows and we remove those pads from your boat.

Q. I need to fill the dingy and I have these 5-gallon tanks how do I fill these?
A. Just place them on the dock and tell my guys what you need. We have oil if you have an older outboard.

Q. What else do you sell?
A. We have fuel keys, fuel caps, air horns, first aid kits, rags, most everything you would see from the top ten selling items from the marine hardware store. We also have fishing tackle along with being a mini market. Hey, it’s starting to get wet up here Len!

Q. OK you can come down, but first what type of discount will you give my readers?
A. I”LL GIVE THEM A DISCOUNT ALL RIGHT! No really anyone that tells me they read your column will receive a discount on fuel and oil changes.

Q. PERFECT! I will let you down now and thanks for you time and help.
A. Thank you Len, Now go sell a boat and get off my dock! Just kidding we’ll


For more safe boating information go to the Department of Boating and Waterways web site and down load the Course for Safe Boating. That’s where I got the idea for this piece. Boating and Waterways
Also, stay on board for next week. I have good information coming your way.

Monday, December 24, 2007

THE MASTHEAD 12-24-07 Issue # 1

My "News" Years Resolution for 2008 is to produce a weekly yachting article for Newport Beach, California. This column has been christened “THE MASTHEAD” welcome aboard!

Why am I doing this? The answer is simple I need the exposure! As a yacht broker for nineteen years now I strive to earn your trust.

So as we push away from the docks on our maiden voyage we find the local waters are very calm this time of year. As every good yachtsman understands its always best to “keep your head out of the boat”. If your planning a trip to Catalina for the New Years you're NUTS! If you must go, then head to the backside and party at Doug’s. The risk of the Santa Ana winds are HIGH this week and if you have ever been stuck in Avalon during this time of year you’ve “been there and done that and NOT going back”.

The Air Force is also messing around with the GPS Constellation and is using the word “ANOMALIES” THAT IS BAD! Nothing worse when talking about your electronics and hearing the word anomaly. I recommend you have your spare GPS going.

From San Mateo Point to Oceanside Harbor and out 25 miles the Marines are blowing up stuff. So, if you are looking for a free safety inspections head south. I would keep an ear on the VHF ch. 16 while traveling in these waters.

If your fishing off San Clemente west end you should know that the Navy is conducting TORPEDO firing exercise 8nm 32-39N, 119-117W Jan 8-12 during the daylight hours. So unless you have counter measures onboard better to avoid these waters.

Up in the CROWS NEST this week we have David Beek from Island Marine Fuel. With the weather forecast promising the bay activity should be high. “BOXING DAY and NEW YEARS day are traditional yachting days,” said David. “ No matter what the weather I know ORCA II will be out and Dick Wilson will be rowing by”. If your out on New Years day and need some COLD 7up, aspirin, or maybe some OJ and Champagne stop by Island Marine Fuel and tell them you read this article.

Nothing is going on this week in the yacht-racing world. Next up is BYC Sunkist Series January 5th and 6th with a couple of local boats heading up to Marina del Rey for the Malibu and return race and the kids are getting ready for the Rose Bowl at ABYC on the 5th and 6th. The SCYYRA Calendar is posted and the web site is great at

What’s in the waters? Is always a good question this time of year should it ever REALLY rain again? The skipper must keep a good eye out for floating flotsam when in the turning basin or yachting past the Santa Ana River outlet. The first rain normally brings out strange obstacles for the yachtsman. Check your raw water filters often this time of year. The tides this week are huge -2.03 at 1600 today, low tide at 16:46 on Tue, 17:28 Wed with the tide growing smaller threw the week. Check at for up to date information!


Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This is almost like selling my own boat. I have sailed to Hawaii four times, eight Mexico races and countless local races. I have seen over thirty-five knots of breeze and twenty knots of boat speed on her. I have been aboard during some very exciting moments and I wish you the same luck we had with her. She has been a very good boat with only two owners in her lifetime. SHE IS A GREAT VALUE

Quotes from BAYYWOLF

OK! OK! Tell me again. YOU want to put the pole where?
“Why does it always get windy when you drive Len?”
“Yep, That’s the prison”
“Their main just ripped in half”
“Hey Kirk! What do we do when it blows over 45 KNOTS?”
More chicken jokes than you can shake a stick at. Speaking of sticks, Papa Pepridge!

I tell you this because of all the great memories. Its yours for the taking, owner is hanging up his spinnaker bag. Sitting on his porch with his grandkids and smiling about all the GOOD TIMES! PRICELESS!

ASKING ONLY $ 159,000
Click the link on the right side of this page for full spec sheet.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


This piece is done in fun and to coincide with the 100 largest yachts, the world’s wealthiest people, down to our local movers and shakers list. I spent a couple of days cruising the bay previewing yachts that I have seen over this past season. What made it onto this list are the yachts I think are interesting and shows the yachtsman passion of yachting.
I am splitting the list into 10 power and 10 sail. Leave comments on this site telling me if you agree or disagree with me because the whole idea of this article is to bring more attention to my yacht sales. My wife tells me I am crazy for doing this but here goes.


#1 “SILVER OAK” is a 65’ Halmatic. She was splashed in 1970 and was recently customized by her new owner. This yacht has a downeast flavor that keeps you coming back for more. Her pedigree derives from her majesty fleet from across the pond and yet as she sits in moonstone, you double take and say to yourself “NICE BOAT!”

#2 “ANGELINA” with 42 LOA’ Built in 1944 in Santa Barbara now owned by the original builders son. She was refit at Basin Marine and is berthed in Bay Shores. This style of yacht has caught my eye this season as the perfect platform for Catalina. Her owner has spared no expense and you will notice her from over 200 yards away.

3# “VICTORIOUS” 110’ Nordland splashed last year is just the sexiest Mega Yacht in our harbor. At last count there are over ten-mega yachts in Newport Beach. VICTORIOUS has a pacific northwest styling the catches the eye. Her large cockpit promotes a real feel for the sea. She is berthed on mariner’s mile. “ Newport’s Flagship”

4# “HALLELUJAH” 58’ Knight & Carver built in 1991 with a type of Garden design has always caught my eye. She is berthed on Balboa Peninsula behind the owners home. When you enter the bay she is one of the first yachts you notice.

5# “ NORDIC STAR” 92’ Splashed in 1969 at the Lantana Yacht yard in Florida. One of Newport’s original expedition yachts, she is often seen at Whites during the summer season. She is kept on Harbor Island always in pristine condition.

6# “FORGER” 74’ Commissioned in 1988 at the German Bultjer Shipyard in Ditzum to a Beeldsnijder design. It is immediately obvious that she is definitely a different sort of motor yacht. Her “iroko” topside gleam countless coats of varnish. She came to town two years ago and is berthed on the end of Linda Isle.

7# “AVOCA” 36’ The green Hinckley 36 picnic yacht. Last seen as the photo boat during the Fin Olympic trials with large ensign flying. A truly beautiful yacht kept in perfect condition. She berthed under full cover at the Ardell Marina.

8# “JUNO” 72’ Built in 1969 in Holland Cammengas Yacht Yard. She is one of only six built for world cruising. Seen almost every weekend at Moonstone in the summer season she does not sit still for long. You have to love that umbrella on the upper deck. She lives off of Bayside drive.

9# “VAMOS” 54’ Constructed in 1962 in Costa Mesa by McGlasson Marine. VAMOS was in Newport Bay before there was water. Seen as the escort vessel for the Ensenada race from day one. She has also been seen at the start of the Trans Pac races and anchored off Moonstone. VAMOS is one of Newport’s homegrown yachts and commands the respect of the fleet. She is kept at Basin Marine.

10# “WILLIAM B” 77’ Splashed in 1942 at the Naval Shipyard in Puget Sound Bridge. The “WILLIAM B” is a household word in town. Known to have a LOA shorter than her draft is not necessarily true. Always seen at a number of yachting events throughout the years. Her owner is always one of the first volunteers to help out. She can be found on her mooring off NHYC.


1# “WINDWARD PASSAGE” 73’ Built on the Beach in the Bahamas in 1968 to an Alan Gurney design. Best known for Transpac greatest single performance and with a crew list from the Sailors Hall of Fame. This yacht is in perfect condition and is truly Newport’s most interesting yacht. She is berthed at the Ardell Marina. “In every sailors heart there is a piece of WINDWARD PASSAGE”

2. # “ BLACK ALERION” 38’ Alerion showed up on the bay last year and is sailed almost every afternoon. This Carl Schumacher design can be spotted from one end of the bay to the other with her full-roached main. Sailed single-handed most of the time you always have to put down what your doing as she sails by. Located on Lido Island.

3# “CHUBASCO” 67’ She is Olin J. Stephens II # 255 design built in 1939 at the Wilmington Boat Works shipyard. “Chubby” has a long Trans Pac history starting in 1947. She is seen most every year at the Long Point race and has been extremely well cared for over the years. Berthed at the Ardell Marina.

4# “BLACK IRISH” 40’ Hinckley built to a Bill Tripp design. The owner is on the boat everyday keeping her in pristine condition. Sailed most Thursday afternoons with family and friends she is one of Newport finest. Kept at the Bayshores marina.

5# “ODYSSEY” 52’ She was splashed in 1938 at Stephen Marine in Stockton California to a J. Kelly design. She has a Trans Pac history dating back to 1939. She has been seen at the 2005 Trans Pac and Cabo races along with many Long Point races. She is slipped in Bayshores.

6# “CHECKMATE” 50’ Doug Peterson design and built in 1978. Her owner restored her a number of years ago and she still is there for the end game. Sailed in most of NHYC events and is seen in all the Ensenada races. Well sailed well cared for she is one of the gems of our bay. Kept on Harbor Island.

7# “IT”S OK” 49’. 11” She is one of the newest designs from Alan Andrews and built at Dennis Choate’s yard in Wilmington California in 2007. She will be seen every Thursday night, Trans Pac, Cabo Races, Long Point and most every Newport Beach regatta. Well sailed and well cared for. Located on Balboa Peninsula.

8# “ NIGHT WATCH” 47’ She is one of the better looking “Pirate Boat” with windows in the aft cabin, bird and cannon. Over the last ten years I noticed she is always in perfect condition. She is slipped off of Harbor Island drive.

9 # “DEERFOOT” 64 Dashew design built in 1980 in New Zealand at the Salthouse Brothers yacht yard. This is hull number one of the long history of Deerfoot yachts. The owner continues to keep her in pristine condition with a recently taller rig. She is one of the first big sailing yachts you will notice while coming into our harbor.

10# “ BIEN ROULEE” Splashed just last month with an Alan Andrews design she is the newest custom boat in town. With the owner looking forward to most of the offshore events along with some short handed sailing she looks great out of the blocks. She is berthed at the Balboa Yacht Club.

Well, that’s it Newport Beach’s 20 most interesting yachts and I know I have over looked a number other yachts. Should I get a positive result from this list I will go deeper into the historical yachts such at “COLNETT” or “ BOUNTY”. Before I go I would like point out a couple of observation I noticed while doing my research for this article.

I wanted to write about the 10 ugliest charter boats on the bay. After much time, I felt it not in my best interest to start a fight. But there is one boat with a paddle wheel that stays afloat to my amazement. My opinion is there should be only one charter boat in town and that’s the “TIKI BOAT”. Enough said.

I also wanted to write about the three most interesting yachtsman back yards on the bay. So there is still time to place my foot in it!

# 1 On Balboa Peninsula towards the bay entrance there is one home with a 54 Eastbay along with a Hinckley launch and Duffy 21. With the large green lawn in the background it looks like something from the other Newport “PERFECT”.

#2 On Lido there is one home with a fleet of good-looking yachts. From a Hinckley 44, Eastbay 38 and a Santa Cruz 70. All named by their grandparents. “VERY NICE”.

#3 In Bayshores from the first time I sailed in this bay you could not help but notice “ODESSEY and “CASSIAR”. Something that looks as new as the day they arrived “SWEET!”

Most of these photos were taken by Joy Sailing. Please go to her site at


Len Bose

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W.D. Schock 30/30 NEW LISTING!

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