Friday, April 27, 2012

Lower Bay dredging update No. 3.

Hi Everyone!

This is my Lower Bay dredging update No. 3. 

1.     The dredging contractor, RE Staite, will mobilize their equipment between April 30 – May 2.  They’ll have 2 dredge barges, 3 disposal scows and about 3 tug boats.  Things will be busy in the harbor indeed.

2.     They will be staging their equipment off Bay Island near the east end of the anchorage area because the water is deeper compared to the area traditionally used for this purpose off Harbor Island.  However, the Harbor Island site may still be used from time to time.

3.     The anchorage area between Lido Isle and Bay Island will be removed for the duration of the project.

4.     Both Chuck South (South Mooring Company) and Carlos Contreras (Harbor Patrol Mooring Deputy) will be coordinating the mooring relocations throughout the project.  Many thanks to John Fuller and Gary Hill who are helping to orchestrate the moves for the NHYC field.  Their help is very much appreciated!

5.     We will be relocating moorings to any available space in the immediate vicinity.  Extra rows in adjacent fields will be added.  Also, we may need to create new temporary areas elsewhere in the harbor.  Of course, once the dredging is complete in that area, the moorings will be moved back to their respective field.

6.     On about May 3, the larger dredge unit will start near the eastern tip of Lido Isle, then work around the corner along Via Lido Soud in order to reach the POLB material.

7.     On about May 2 or 3, the smaller dredge unit will start near the Balboa Bay Club.

8.     The Coast Guard / Harbor Patrol / Balboa Yacht Club area has been rescheduled to be dredged a bit later near June 1 or so.

9.     Remember, we will only be dredging in the main channels – not under individual docks. 

10.  We will contact you if you have a boat that overhangs into the channel, and will request that it be moved for 1-2 days while the area is dredged.  However, I highly recommend any vessels adjacent to the main channel be moved to avoid mud splashed on your boat.  We will be as careful as we can, but splashing is inevitable.  

11.  Please remember, as with all construction projects like this, the schedule will continue to evolve and shift.  I will provide updates often so everyone has the most current information.

12.  For the sailboat racers in the harbor, some of the race markers will be removed or relocated (space permitting).  At first glance, it appears that markers Q, T, U & W will be affected. 

13.  The Port of Long Beach (POLB) is allowing us to dispose material up until June 30, then our window of opportunity closes.  We will not miss this opportunity, and we are prepared to make special accommodations to allow RE Staite to fulfill this goal.  This includes working earlier hours, or later hours into the evening (or even 24 hours), and maybe Sundays as well, at least during this initial push.  I am thanking the community in advance for your patience, understanding and flexibility.

14.  Please see the attached figure that shows the dredge footprint.  I will continue to update this figure as the project progresses.

15.  These email updates will be my primary method of communication to the public.  Anyone can email me their contact information to be included.  I will also be happy to speak to any harbor communities, associations or yacht clubs etc…to help spread the word and answer any questions.  As always, please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Chris Miller
Harbor Resources Manager
(949) 644-3043  *

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