Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jeffrey Mac Farlane, does he have the right stuff to win this years Mini Transat?

In this years Mini Transat there is one American sailor and that is one more than there normally is. That sailor is Jeffrey Mac Farlane, does he have the right stuff to win? Probably not, but if you read through his bio he has what it takes to compete. In other words he can fix shit, that breaks, he is just lacking in natural ability. The perfect formula is a four time All American sailor who has won an Olympic medal and has the passion, time and money to leave the US for over a year and sail a Mini in Europe. Thats all!

The U.S. has only had a hand full of sailors commit to this event with Jonathan McKee coming the closest to making it to the podium. Jonathan had the talent, what he lacked was the offshore experience. He made it all the way to a hundred miles to the finish line and his mast broke after pounding to weather for a couple of days. He was ahead of single handed sailing best Samuel Manuard and Pierre Rolland. After the race Jonathan pick up his ball and returned to the US never to be seen at a single handed event again.

This could be the difference for Jeffrey “He wants it and he want it all”. We are talking someone with dreams of the Vendee Globe. This type of passion could take him past the natural talent part. Look how far Mike Golding & Alex Thomson made it in the Vendee with just sure determination.

So break out your old US flags left over from the Americas Cup and lets rub some of Oracle’s mojo on Jeffrey!

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