Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The David Raison scow bow design Mini take off where it left off-

The Mini Transat has started, after a long delay because of bad weather, with the real story of interest around this odd designed boat.

For the second Transit this boat has stayed at the top of the fleet. This time being sailed by the Italian Giancarlo Pedote. Go tohttp://www.minitransat.fr/?lang=en and watch the race.

Is there a person on the west coast that would go for a custom boat and go Ugly Fast? My gut tells me this would be the next boat to dominate our offshore racing. 

Picture this scow bow in a 50 foot ultra light, canting keel, twin rudder design with stand up head room for use old folks. Are ya with me boys?


Anonymous said...

i want one. now working with jim antrim to design your walk-through scow bow cruising dream.

been there, done that and dreamed of how much easier and fun it could be if you leave the reservation.

windsurfing since 1980 has always shown me how so many interesting shapes can work so well.

here we go.


Anonymous said...

the dream is starting to take shape. nice lines now, rig is in the right place, and there is a layout. soon we will be scouting a builder or planning the build here at home.
this has challenged jim's design software. there must be algorithms that develop shapes because he said it simply refused to draw the bow as dreamed. funny.
the more the project goes on the more i can feel her under me.