Thursday, October 31, 2013

Man, That's got to hurt!

Jeffrey MacFarlane on board the PSP Cormoran:

Jeffrey MacFarlane (759) was dismasted this morning at 6am (GMT +1). He immediately contacted a freighter by VHF to indicate that all was well on board and to request them to re-retransmit his information to the Race Committee. The PSP Cormoran has taken the American skipper on board and is en route to La Coruna.

Just when I wrote about Jeffrey MacFarlane,  another dark cloud roles over the top of him. Jeffrey was the only US entry in this years Mini Transat. This is not the first time this has happen to him this season. Back in April while sailing his 1,000 mile qualifying course, for the Transat, his deck structure, keel box and mast failed in quick succession. He was subsequently airlifted to a Spanish hospital. 

After this event Dawn Riley posted this:

“We are exceedingly proud of our Oakcliff graduate, Jeff and his seamanship and determination to take on one of the toughest sailing events in the world, racing alone on a Mini. He has the talent now we just need to figure out how to get him a boat that will stand up.” Dawn Riley, Executive Director Oakcliff Sailing.

He then found boat # 759 and went to work preparing it for this race and completing the race qualifications. The effort taken, just to make it to the starting, was huge.

This is a heart breaking situation for Jeffrey and his loved ones. I cannot fathom the frustration he must me going through right now.

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