Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Mast Head Issue # 10 Newport Boat Show

35th Annual Newport Boat Show.

Yep, It’s the BIG YACHT SHOW and I am sure you have read all the press releases about the debut of some of the world’s newest, largest, sportiest and luxurious yachts.
Yes, they are all here and I have spent the last two days walking around and getting ready for the show. Most of you know I try to write from a route not taken before and after twenty years of doing these shows let me try to describe some of the lessons learned. These lessons are from where to park, how to search, how to view, who to bring with you and what shoes to wear.

Parking is like buying wine at a restaurant and if you’re like me I would rather pay the corkage fee rather than pay four times the retail value. If you come to the show during the week park across the street off of Short street which is located to the west of Via Lido. Parking is easy most days if you arrive after 12:30 because of street sweeping on Friday. If you are coming to the show on the weekend the Newport City lot is open to the public although the hunting is a little thin because a number of people have figured this out already. It’s still worth throwing a line out and seeing if you can get lucky with a fly by and snag a spot.

For the buyers, I recommend coming to the show the day before it opens and walk around. This gives you a chance to look, without the crowds and salesmen, it’s free and easy to take a quick look around. Over the years I have sold three boats the day before the show opens. You can also call the listing agent and I am sure they will have passes for you at will call before the show opens the next day. That night go to and do a search for the boat and start writing down your questions.

To board most yachts you will asked to take your shoes off so the best thing to do is wear something that is easy to slip on and off. I find sandals or even better yet would be new pair of Croc’s with socks on.

Now please don’t take me wrong, but kids under twelve really don’t want to spend the day at the boat show and your spouse really does want to be part of your decision in choosing the proper yacht. Keep in mind its better for the boat to be called “OUR BOAT” not “ YOUR BOAT”. After you have an acceptance of offer, YOU BET, bring the kids down to family’s new boat and start planning your first trip to Catalina.

For the dreamers, this is a very important part of the sale and we brokers welcome everyone to come down to the show. Take a look at all the different boats and start defining how you would like to use the boat and then start to recognize the different brokers. Nothing makes me feel better than when a prospect tells me they have been reading my ads and seeing me at the shows for the last twenty years and ready to buy now.

What’s at this years show? Lots of big power boats and not that many sailboats. There are a number of good mid sized trawlers. I also noticed that there are not that many mid sized, 40 -50, late model sport fishers. I can’t help but notice the number of lobster or picnic boats to look at. I found some expedition style yachts of interest and a number bay boats that look like to much fun. Of course there are tons of express cruisers in all sizes. Also the first two people to drop me an email will have a pair of passes waiting for them at will call.

So let your dreams start today and just keep in mind that time on the water keeps you young.

SEA Ya at the show

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