Friday, March 28, 2008

Cabo 08 My Picks


Cabo 2008

The weather looks good, the entry list is full and a lot of competitors have been working hard to prepare the yachts properly. This piece is done in fun, and I normally get a number of stern looks from people when I pick my favorites.

First to Finsh
That’s a no brainier with no other yachts 80ft. Magnitude is striving for a new course record.

All great boats with top shelf owners and navigators with world-class crew. Always fun to watch from my armchair and this class will be won by Peligroso. Mike Campbell and crew won this class a month ago to PV and have to be the favorites this time. I will be pulling for Medicine Man. I know owner Bob Lane has been continuing to keep his boat updated and has been participating in every event on the schedule. I’d like to see Medman win this won.

Class A
Another close class with world class sailors. The favorite has to be Holua; I am not going to bet against Mark Rudiger and Ullman, would you? I will assume the boys on Grand Illusion will keep Mark looking over his shoulder and certainly DC knows the way to Cabo. Rudiger made some fun audio reports from the boat in the PV race and I hope BYC has set up the same thing.

Class B
Now this is where I spent most of my years racing down to the cape aboard Santa Cruz 50’s. It’s going to be a close race for second place. No one has beaten the J 125 Reinrag2 and with the forecast showing breeze for the Friday starters this J 125 is my pick for overall. My gut tells me it will be a close race between the DK 46 and the Santa Cruz 50 Horizon. I don’t know the guys from the DK but they did very good a couple of years ago. Now the Horizon team has been together for a number of yeas and like I have said before no one prepares a boat better than Jon Champaign. This has to be Horizon turn for 2nd. The Andrews 39 Bien Roulee will show some speed although the crew is new to the boat. They should stay within striking distance for third.

Class C
This class will also be fun to watch. The boys from Paddy Wagon are fast along with the boys from Entropy. Place this all together and I have to go with Resolute the J 122. Now I can’t tell you why and it should be a close race with Entropy and if the breeze holds up over 18 to the finsh Paddy will be on their heels. Close and fun to watch, but if I was a betting man I would have to go with the J 122.

Class D
Well Between the Sheets has to be the favorite. Although one of my best friends Dan Rossen is sailing his B32 Problem Child and he has to have breeze all the way to the finish to get between the sheets, no pun intended. Reliance will be hanging and if the crew fly’s the blooper when the breeze is up they should be at the pedestal.

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