Tuesday, April 15, 2008

THE Mast Head Issue # 11 Jack London "Strictly Sail" Boat Boat Show

A good client and friend of mine met me, Tuesday to list his boat and discuss what he wanted in his next boat. The conversation quickly went to what can be seen at the Strictly Sail Show at Jack London Square in Alameda California. “Lets go?” he said, and all the reasons not to go went through my head as I replied “Suuurrre!”. So let me get to the point of this piece, was it worth $ 250 in airline tickets, $ 60 in rental car, going through airport security, and a day away from the office? YES.
What did I see? Sailboats lot’s of Sailboats with small sport boats taking people for a sail to old boats before my time. All the electronics and options one could wish for. If we were pushing large carts around I would have felt like I was in Costco. I wanted it all with too much to report from chamois to the newest satellite communications, routing programs along with what is the best type of hose to use in the head to keep the smells down. I only had three hours before my flight home so I headed back to the docks to look at all the boats.

Along the way we noticed the Santa Cruz booth with the new drawings from Tim Kernan. It was kind of like driving down PCH when summer starts. I could not help to stop and look at the sexy girl on the boardwalk. The funny thing was the person in front of me stopped and I ran into the back of him. While we both paused, on the best way to approach the booth, and not appear to be the dirty old men that we are. I then met Tom Slade. Tom took us through the booth and explained the concept behind the new boats and with eleven boats on order. I have to think this is the next new boat for many reasons. Tim Kernan design can go point to point, around the cans and the interior is something you will want to spend the night on.

The other boat or mistress of the show was the Andrews 28 built by Sylvana Yachts. One can keep this boat on a trailer, race her and cruise her in comfort now that’s value. I also liked the rudder system you have to go check this boat out if you go to the show this weekend. So with a quick look at my watch I am now down to an hour. The Beneteau, Jeanneau and Hanse displays are what also caught my eye along with the number of cruising catamarans. This was the first time in awhile I noticed Hunter and Catalina take second row in their displays. My time was up and I needed more time.

Lens lessons from the show. I needed a whole day at the show not just three hours. I would have taken a taxi from the airport and back when I noticed the lack of parking. This was kind of funny because as I ended parking three blocks up and took my watch off for the walk to the show. Will I return? YES, Should you go? YES. If you find yourself wanting a sailboat within the next two years you must go. Asking yourself, what about the economy? It’s always better to buy in a down market. Look at the resale value of the entire product from 1990-1995 it has had the highest demand over the last ten years.


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