Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This is almost like selling my own boat. I have sailed to Hawaii four times, eight Mexico races and countless local races. I have seen over thirty-five knots of breeze and twenty knots of boat speed on her. I have been aboard during some very exciting moments and I wish you the same luck we had with her. She has been a very good boat with only two owners in her lifetime. SHE IS A GREAT VALUE

Quotes from BAYYWOLF

OK! OK! Tell me again. YOU want to put the pole where?
“Why does it always get windy when you drive Len?”
“Yep, That’s the prison”
“Their main just ripped in half”
“Hey Kirk! What do we do when it blows over 45 KNOTS?”
More chicken jokes than you can shake a stick at. Speaking of sticks, Papa Pepridge!

I tell you this because of all the great memories. Its yours for the taking, owner is hanging up his spinnaker bag. Sitting on his porch with his grandkids and smiling about all the GOOD TIMES! PRICELESS!

ASKING ONLY $ 159,000
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