Monday, December 24, 2007

THE MASTHEAD 12-24-07 Issue # 1

My "News" Years Resolution for 2008 is to produce a weekly yachting article for Newport Beach, California. This column has been christened “THE MASTHEAD” welcome aboard!

Why am I doing this? The answer is simple I need the exposure! As a yacht broker for nineteen years now I strive to earn your trust.

So as we push away from the docks on our maiden voyage we find the local waters are very calm this time of year. As every good yachtsman understands its always best to “keep your head out of the boat”. If your planning a trip to Catalina for the New Years you're NUTS! If you must go, then head to the backside and party at Doug’s. The risk of the Santa Ana winds are HIGH this week and if you have ever been stuck in Avalon during this time of year you’ve “been there and done that and NOT going back”.

The Air Force is also messing around with the GPS Constellation and is using the word “ANOMALIES” THAT IS BAD! Nothing worse when talking about your electronics and hearing the word anomaly. I recommend you have your spare GPS going.

From San Mateo Point to Oceanside Harbor and out 25 miles the Marines are blowing up stuff. So, if you are looking for a free safety inspections head south. I would keep an ear on the VHF ch. 16 while traveling in these waters.

If your fishing off San Clemente west end you should know that the Navy is conducting TORPEDO firing exercise 8nm 32-39N, 119-117W Jan 8-12 during the daylight hours. So unless you have counter measures onboard better to avoid these waters.

Up in the CROWS NEST this week we have David Beek from Island Marine Fuel. With the weather forecast promising the bay activity should be high. “BOXING DAY and NEW YEARS day are traditional yachting days,” said David. “ No matter what the weather I know ORCA II will be out and Dick Wilson will be rowing by”. If your out on New Years day and need some COLD 7up, aspirin, or maybe some OJ and Champagne stop by Island Marine Fuel and tell them you read this article.

Nothing is going on this week in the yacht-racing world. Next up is BYC Sunkist Series January 5th and 6th with a couple of local boats heading up to Marina del Rey for the Malibu and return race and the kids are getting ready for the Rose Bowl at ABYC on the 5th and 6th. The SCYYRA Calendar is posted and the web site is great at

What’s in the waters? Is always a good question this time of year should it ever REALLY rain again? The skipper must keep a good eye out for floating flotsam when in the turning basin or yachting past the Santa Ana River outlet. The first rain normally brings out strange obstacles for the yachtsman. Check your raw water filters often this time of year. The tides this week are huge -2.03 at 1600 today, low tide at 16:46 on Tue, 17:28 Wed with the tide growing smaller threw the week. Check at for up to date information!


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