Saturday, December 29, 2007

The MASTHEAD 12-30-07 Issue # 2

Welcome back aboard “ The Masthead”. I am assuming you all have read last weeks article and remember what the Air Force is doing with the GPS Constellation, that the Navy is doing torpedo firing exercise, the Marines are blowing up stuff and it’s a bad idea to head to Catalina for New Years eve? NO! You better take a look before you push away from the dock this week.
Up in the CROWS NEST this week I still have David Beek from Island Marine fuel located on Balboa Island. It’s cold up there and Dave is starting to shake the rigging. I told him I would only let him down if he gave me an interview.

Q. What is the best way to approach your fuel dock?
A. Island Marine Fuel is a full service dock. Just place your bow at the dock and let the guys take it from there.

Q. Dave! It’s not that easy, come on! What should the yachtsman do!
A. OK, Bring your boat in with the fill side to the dock, turn off all engines, blow out all lamps, turn down your music, make sure your propane tanks are turned off, make sure all your port lights& hatches are closed, turn your cell phone & Ipods off and the attendant will be right there to help you.

Q. In the summer months, I have noticed a line to get to the dock. What is the proper way to get in line?
A. Ask the attendant how long the wait is and who is last in line? You can do this over the water or by using your hailer. This also helps us remember who is next.

Q. How do you read the current from your dock?
A. I normally look at the sand on the beach. If I see wet sand, the water is going out. Dry sand the water is coming in.

Q. I have a big Boat, yea right, and I want to fill it up. What should I do?
A. If you are going to take over a 1,000 gallons give me a call and I will be ready for you. This gives me time to pick up your favorite wine and lunch and have it ready for you on your arrival.

Q. I noticed your guys like to work the pumps.
A. We are a full survive dock and it’s truly easier for use to work the pumps. That’s what we do. We look for the vents, how to deal with static electricity, we have lots of pads to pick up any spills or overflows and we remove those pads from your boat.

Q. I need to fill the dingy and I have these 5-gallon tanks how do I fill these?
A. Just place them on the dock and tell my guys what you need. We have oil if you have an older outboard.

Q. What else do you sell?
A. We have fuel keys, fuel caps, air horns, first aid kits, rags, most everything you would see from the top ten selling items from the marine hardware store. We also have fishing tackle along with being a mini market. Hey, it’s starting to get wet up here Len!

Q. OK you can come down, but first what type of discount will you give my readers?
A. I”LL GIVE THEM A DISCOUNT ALL RIGHT! No really anyone that tells me they read your column will receive a discount on fuel and oil changes.

Q. PERFECT! I will let you down now and thanks for you time and help.
A. Thank you Len, Now go sell a boat and get off my dock! Just kidding we’ll


For more safe boating information go to the Department of Boating and Waterways web site and down load the Course for Safe Boating. That’s where I got the idea for this piece. Boating and Waterways
Also, stay on board for next week. I have good information coming your way.

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