Sunday, July 06, 2014

FOR SALE: Santa Cruz 50 HORIZON asking $280,000

Horizon had an accepted offer on her the moment I received the listing. This boat was the best kept Santa Cruz 50 I have ever stepped aboard and I have seen almost all 28 boats. This will be the 10th fifty that I have sold in my 23 years as a yacht broker.

Horizon has been the definitive SC-50 for quite some time. We have won 3 consecutive Transpacs in a class that combines both the SC 50 and SC 52 (2009, 2011, & 2013 and in the 2007 Transpac we were 2nd in class and 4th overall. In 2010 we won the Pacific Cup as a clean sweep being the 1st boat to finish, also winning both class and overall honors. This crossing was also the fastest ever Santa Cruz 50 crossing from California to Hawaii that we are aware off; 8 days, 11 hours, 46 minutes! Our Mexico race record has also been exceptional with podium finishes in all attempts along with a class win in the SDYC’s PV Race in 2010 and an overall win in the Cabo 2009 Race. Along with class wins in the Ensenada Race (x2), Islands Race (2011) and a 2nd in class, 3rd overall at MEXORC 2010 and wins in various other local races Horizon has been the SC 50 which all others are measured by. Horizon has also proven herself inshore with a 2nd place at MEXORC 2010 and won the inshore 2012 Dana Point Harbor Championships. In 2009 she underwent an extensive refit at Dennis Choate’s LB yard. With designer Tim Kernan’s input we opened up the transom, put on a scoop, removed the toerail by glassing over the hull/deck joint both inside and out, installed an up dated rudder, upgraded almost every system aboard from the original electrical panel to the lighting. The boat was made stronger where needed and even with all the miles she has done she looks better than new. The father and son team of Jon and Erik Shampain of Eastwind Offshore Sailing has been responsible for the program since 2007 and have overseen all the modifications and regular maintenance. In 2011 again the boat was returned to the Choate yard where we dried her out for 3 months and had a blister preventing epoxy bottom job done at the same time. The mast and boom were also replaced at this time with a new mast step that allows for jacking the rig to pressure. In 2009 the engine went through a complete rebuild and many improvements were made here also. This past January, again with Dennis Choate’s expertise and workmanship we replaced both top and bottom bearing in the rudder assembly with upgraded self-aligning Jeffa bearings and put a new bottom on the boat. She is now almost perfect in every way a waiting for a new home. Horizon is a special yacht.

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