Saturday, July 05, 2014

2005 48' Tim Kernan Performance Trawler ASKING $ 325,000

This vessel was the concept of one of the most knowledgeable yachtsmen I have ever meet. When developing this design he took into account the different features he learned to appreciate from all the different boats he has owned and crewed on. Based from George Griffith yacht “Sarissa” from a Mike Petters design the original owner sat down with leading yacht designer Tim Kernan to produce a similar style of vessel. The concept revolved around simplicity, economical and light weight. “ I wanted the vessel to be light and nimble so that my wife an I could handle the boat while docking and anchoring.” the first owner told me. “ I took great efforts, while designing the boat, to ensure she would ride well at anchorage.” Another good friend of mine worked at Dencho Marine, where the boat was built, stats that this vessel is one of the best boats he has ever taken part in building. As I approach this vessel, I first notice a type of Garden design/Fic Frank style trawler that has been so popular in the pacific northwest and in Newport Beach. Hints of the past jump out at me and thoughts of a stunningly beautiful commuter yacht trickle through my mind as a step aboard her open transom. This is an exceptionally light and stiff boat with state of the art construction methods. The boat’s foam cored hull, deck and bulkheads were epoxy coated, vacuum bagged, and backed in a “oven.” The hull is carbon reinforced at key loading points. This yacht is perfect for coastal cruising and will command the respect of every yachtsman around the world. It’s the type of vessel that will stay with a family over many generations.

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