Friday, September 21, 2012

The Harbor Report: Council approves dock rent increases

Lots to talk about this week so lets push off the dock and get underway. On the 12th of this month the City Council voted 4-3 to increase the Marina Tidelands permits over the next seven years. The annual rate will be .36/sf good through 2014 and will adjust to $ 2.52/sf by 2020. Will the marina owners continue their fight, you betcha.
While putting this weeks column together, I kept flashing back to the Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd skit, duck season-wabbit season. Then changing the word duck to dock season, thats right the city is Elmer with his shot gun and laugh. For the home owners that received City Managers Dave Kiff letter this week it appears to me that its definitely “dock” season right now. The letter goes on to explain the difference between tax and rent, bottom line, the rent will be going up soon. The devil is always is always in the details, coming to a screen this holiday season.

I also attended last weeks Harbor Commission meeting, this was an important meeting to pay attention to because our commissioners volunteered to take on the following tasks this year.  to . The following is my rendition of their tasks, for the complete list go to the City’s web site, Harbor Commission, 9-12-12 Agenda and scroll down to the bottom of the file. (The following was taken from the agenda)

Ensure the long term welfare of Newport Harbor”

  1. “Investigate potential solutions to long standing obstacles to maintenance” like permitting, the lack of small scale dredging operators. assigned to the task are West, McIntosh, Avery. Strange that this was the first task listed because it is the most important.

  1. Best use of The Lower Castaways: Avery,Girling, Rhyne

  1. Resetting Harbor Lines: Rodheim, Rhyne

  1. Enforcement of Harbor Codes, West, Blank, Avery

  1. Improve boating education “Newport Beach Residents” Blank, Rodheim

  1. Strategies to maintain water-related businesses on the Harbor: McIntosh, Rodheim

  1. Communicate the Harbor Commission’s Role with the public: Girling, Avery

  1. Alternative mooring design solutions: Rodheim, Avery

Promoting Newport Harbor as a Preferred and Welcoming Destination

  1. Define strategies for increasing the number of visiting Vessel: Blank, Girling, West

  1. “Evaluate public anchorage alternatives”:  West, Avery

  1. Evaluate public piers that facilitate visitor access. Girling, Blank
If you would like to get more involved with the Harbor this coming year go over this list, contact the Harbor Commissioners that are tasked with the issues that interest or effect you and ask if you can help or tell them your concerns or add to the list.

We might have made some progress this week towards the installation of a Marine Recycling Center. What is a Marine Recycling you ask? Its is a place where anyone can dispose of waste oil, oil filters, batteries, transmission fluid, zincs, coolant at no cost. How many times a year do you have to dispose of such items? Not easy is it, or at least dispose of these items properly. Mayor Gardner invited me to speak at the Coastal/Bay water quality committee meeting last week regarding the need for these centers and I felt it was well received. With the mayors help this idea to copy, whats already in place in Dana Point, might just happen!

Last weekends Bahia Corinthian Yacht Clubs Championships was a huge success with 21 teams competing in the championships and 18 Teams in the Family. Mark Gaudio won the championships and the Mayol Family won the Family Championships. The competition was exceedingly tough and I am confident the event will improve next year.  I made it into the finals in the Championships and finished in 6th place. The club also awarded me with one of the five “Corinthian” Awards for sportsmanship which is something I am having framed and very proud to display.

This weekend I will be sailing with Marry Bacon aboard her Harbor 20 “Rascal II” in BCYC “Tune Up” regatta and then on Sunday I chartered the Harbor 20 “Adrenalin” from the Harbor 20 Sailing Club for this Sundays Fall Schock regatta. If you ever wanted to sail a Harbor 20 contact the sailing club its a great way to give these boats a try and see if this fleet works for you. 

Sea ya

LEN BOSE is an experienced boater, yacht broker and boating columnist.

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