Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dear Newport Beach Harbor Commissioners

Harbor Commissioners,

The idea of having and maintaining Marine Recycling centers appears to have been placed on hold until a suitable location is found.
Rather than table the idea, I would like to propose other locations to meet the desired effects an Marine Recycling center will have on our harbor.

Please consider the following locations.

1. Basin Marina in place of the garbage bin that is located in front of the shipyard. This is the ideal location because it is easily monitored.

2. Basin Marina in the back of E Dock. There is plenty of room in the back parking lot.

3.  Lower Castaways. There is room and is in a good center location of the harbor.

4.  Sheriff’s Harbor Department. We can try to partner up with the county on the cost of waste removal?

5. The City’s Corporation or Utilities Yards. Not ideal but still close enough that boaters would use the facilities.

Please keep in mind, used oil, zincs, oil filters, ATF, Anti Freeze, Batteries etc are most likely disposed of with the boat owner placing these items in their car and transporting them to the many different locations.

A one-stop location will be used more often than driving all around town or out of town to dispose of these hazardous materials.

To my readers,

There has been many times when I have changed the oil, removed bad fuel or just pulled some type of strange substance from the bilge of my boat and had no proper place to dispose of these types of materials. Not that I have placed items like these in the dumpster before, it would make sense to have a one stop place in town, I would be doing the right thing and disposing of the Hazards Waste properly.

This is an email list of our Mayor, Harbor Commissioners, and Harbor Resource Manager. Please take the time and tell them if we had such a center YOU would be using it.,,,, , , ,,

Sea ya!

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