Thursday, September 13, 2012

Still trying

My next "Silly Idea" came to me at one of the Harbor Commission meetings I attended this year. While in Dana Point Harbor, I noticed two marine recycling centers. These are where boaters can dispose of waste oil, absorbent pads, oil filters, batteries, transmission fluid and engine coolant free of charge without having to drive to the Rainbow disposal site in northern Huntington Beach .

Now the devil will be in the details on this idea but I am going to give it my best effort. I am sure most of my readers already know that Island Marine Fuel Dock and Hill Fuel Dock will take your used absorbent pads and, if you ask nicely, your waste oil. Just give Dave or Gary a call and they will give you the details.

(FAST FORWARD ONE YEAR and I have made NO progress?)
Just last month my boat's transmission/hydraulic seal broke and I ended up with over a gallon of seawater and transmission fluid in my bilge. When I asked the dock crew at BYC  where I can dispose of this fluid he replied "Just take your boat to the waste pump out and pump it to the waste hold". Of course, I explained that recommendation  is unexceptable.
His reply was " then the only proper way to dispose of that is to place it in your car and drive it 40 min. away to northern Huntington Beach".

What do you think most people do in this situation?

A. Drive an hour and a half to HB and back?
B. Go to the waste pump out station?
C. Dump it into the bay?
D. Dump it in the nearest dumpster?

It appears every year I have to dispose of some type of marine related hazardous waste. Am I the only boater with this problem?

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