Friday, June 15, 2012

Lower Bay Dredging Update No. 7.

This is my Lower Bay Dredging Update No. 7.

·        Please see the attached Figure No. 4.  Our first milestone:  We’ve completed the area by the Balboa Bay Club on Coast Highway, so it’s now shaded green on the figure.   The other orange areas represent where we are currently dredging, or are in the process of dredging. 

·        We’re still focusing on the Port of Long Beach material, and have been working in the channel between Lido Isle and the Peninsula for a couple weeks now. This is the lion’s share of the material, so the big dredge and larger scow have been working hard in this area.  You may have also noticed an accelerated schedule for a few days this week.  This is because RES was able to borrow (rent) a disposal scow from a contractor in Los Angeles who was idle for a few days.  This quick thinking allowed RES to more than double their production rate this week – a positive move indeed.

·        The smaller dredge is working in the anchorage area between Lido Isle and Bay Island in order to cut a wider access channel for the project.  This material can be disposed in the open ocean disposal site, so they can maximize their production due to the quick turnaround time for disposal trips.

·        I will keep everyone informed if we need the waterfront homeowners to move their boats for the one or two days that RES will be near their docks.  So far, this hasn’t been a problem, and RES has been able to work around most situations.  But, as a reminder, there could be splashing of water and mud, so it is advised that you check your boat and wash it down if necessary.

·        I anticipate we’ll be retuning the North Bay Front channel within the next two weeks to work in the yellow area on the Figure, and to touch up some of the orange area.  There will be some impact to the slip tenants at the Balboa Yacht Basin as well as to the entrance channel to Promontory Bay.  RES will work with the boaters if they need access, but we ask for your patience as you may have to stand by until there is a good opportunity to move the dredge barge.

·        Once again, many thanks to the harbor community for hanging in there during the project.  We’re making progress, and every day that passes brings us closer to the finish line.

·        As always, please be mindful of the dredge operations, and please warn your family, friends and customers (boat, kayak, SUP rentals etc…) to stay clear of the dredge and tug boat operations.

·        The information in these updates can also be viewed online at:  (There may be some lag time between this email and our postings.)

·        If you would like to receive these updates, please email me your contact information.

Thank you,

Chris Miller
Harbor Resources Manager
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