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                                Roy Jones J 133 TANGO  Leading the 2012 High Point Series

Harbor Commissioners,

Last Harbor Commission meeting I spoke on my request for funding regarding the Newport High Point Series. The concept is to purchase 8 Annual Parking permits, $ 1,200, and award them to the winners of the series. It appears, I did not receive support from the Special Events Advisory Committee

The whole idea of this request is to promote big boat sailing around our harbor. Over the last five years participation has dropped dramatically and my thought was to return to a grass roots effort and promote sailing from within our harbor. One event that has been in place for many years is the Association of Yacht Clubs (AOCYC) Newport Beach High Point Series. This series takes place between all the different yacht clubs within our harbor. The American Legion Midwinters, the first race of the Balboa Yacht Clubs 66 Series, The first two races of Newport HarborYacht Clubs Ahmanson Series, 1st race of Bahia Corinthians Yacht Clubs Gil Knudson Series and NOSA Argosy Regatta.

There has been a large effort to bring more awareness to this event by our local yacht clubs and by myself as a harbor reporter. With the addition of some type of support shown by the City of Newport Beach IE "The Annual Parking Permits" the interest level will grow as will participation.  

Rather than placing a wall of text in front of you with all the reasons why I feel this is a win win for everyone involved. Please contact our council members and support my request for funding. I welcome you call if you would like more information.

Council votes on funding tomorrow! 

Len Bose
(714) 916-0200

Newport High Point Scoreboard 2012

                                          AMANTE In  a close second place

Hello Readers,
If any of you like this “silly Idea” of mine please contact The City of Newport Beach City Council TODAY via email! (Please Bcc the council members)

Dear City Council Member,
Please consider the funding request during your review of item # 14 on your agenda tonight “Special event support recommendations” and the  “Newport High Point Series” request for 8 annual parking permits to be awarded to the winners of this series.
This request will go a long way in promoting boating and provide a positive feeling of camaraderie throughout our harbor.

These are the minutes from my presentation to the Special Events Advisory Committee

Newport High Point Series (Len Bose and Pat Schumacher) Q. Mr. Cole asked if the event is just for yacht club members; 
A. Most of them are yacht club members and half of the participants are Newport
Beach residents. 
Q. Mr. Cole asked what economic benefits there would be for the City; 
A. The boaters are using their boats and potentially using the restaurants,VonsPavilions
food, shipyard use, etc. 
Q. Ms. Dinwiddie asked if the event will still occur if the City does not provide the $1,200
to purchase the eight annual parking passes for the winning boat’s crew; 
A. Yes. The event would still go on but the parking passes would not be purchased as
4Q. Mr. Topping asked how many boats will be involved; 
A. Hopefully about 40 boats in the event. All boats would be from Newport Beach. 
Q. Ms. Higgins asked what else besides writing about the event they could do to
promote boating in the harbor; 
A. He’s hoping with the incentive of racing for the parking passes, others will write
about it in their newsletters as well

   Check the Newport High Point Score board, Then  ask yourself if you would if you like the idea of winning annual parking permits?????

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