Tuesday, May 01, 2012

2012 Ensenada Race Review


I sailed one of my worst N2E, missed three huge shifts and was about 3 miles behind the winners of PHRF B & C when the wind shut down. The group in front of us stayed in the breeze and finished about 4:00 PM, while we went to the wind finder with about 12 miles to the finish. It appeared we would not finish until 12 or 1 AM and we all had enough and wanted to go in for the party. We turned on the iron genoa at 8:00 PM with about 6 miles to the finish and informed the finish boat that we had withdrawn from the race. I hate to lose this way, but thats sailing. 

The group we sailed with, "the band", had a ton of laughs and had a great time Saturday night together. We will be back next year and this group will finish out the season sailing SB to King Harbor and Long Point together. 

Lessons Learned: We separated from the fleet to soon, Keep a better eye on jibe angles, don't sleep.

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