Friday, November 11, 2011

This is my weekly summary of events for the Rhine Project for November 7 – 11.

This is my weekly summary of events for the Rhine Project for November 7 – 11.

·        Please see the attached figure. As you can see, this figure is now 100% finalized!   All dredging is complete, all piles have been installed and all of the docks are available for vessels to return to their slips.

·        This week, Dutra installed the last 4 piles along the docks in the Rhine.  With all the practice they’ve had, this last bit went smoothly and efficiently.

·        Dutra also made their last trip up to the Rhine Wharf to unload the crane barge of the random debris, piles and miscellaneous equipment used during the project.

·        All of the miscellaneous dock work has been completed with the exception of a few pile caps at the American Legion marina.

·        The barges and disposal scows are moored at the east end of the “H” Mooring Field until they are demobilized in the next few days.  The excavator barge, however, will remain in the harbor until the Lower Bay dredging project begins in January.

·        All of Dutra’s crews have demobilized to other projects along the West Coast.

·        Interesting fact No. 15:  The crane barge will be demobilized on Saturday and towed up to another project in Washington. To do this, a fairly large tug boat needs to tow the 210’ barge.  A rough, ballpark estimate is that the tug will consume approximately 17,000 gallons of fuel over the six day trip to Washington!!!  That’s a huge number especially when multiplied by an estimated $4 per gallon cost!!

Next week, I’ll be sending out my final Rhine update that will include a list of statistics about the project that I think you may enjoy. 

Have a great weekend…and thank you.

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Harbor Resources Manager
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