Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2011 NEWPORT BEACH's 20 Most Interesting "sneak peek"

I never know how my story will be published once they have reached the editors desk at The Daily Pilot. I submitted this years story last  Sunday and after 12 hours of work you never know if you will make the cut?( Story was placed on hold to further notice and then they told me "have a good Thanksgiving"

I can't stand it any longer here is a peek!

“??????????” 40’ Friendship designed by Ted Fontaine. She will leave you speechless has she glides down Newport Harbor most weekends with the whole family aboard. Truly one of Newport gems! She is berthed on south side of Lido and kept under a full cover. 


“?????????” 22’ Custom Duffy Electric Boat. She was customized by Newport Shipyard with a hard top, teak trim, satellite TV, underwater lighting, heater, windless, wine cooler, head and one very large horn. She can be seen every Thursday afternoon on a harbor cruise and is berthed at the Balboa Bay Club.

The Story should be out on Friday!

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