Friday, November 04, 2011

Rhine update for October 31 – November 4:

Hi Everyone,

Here is my weekly Rhine update for October 31 – November 4:

·        Please see the attached figure.  You’ll notice (finally!) that the channel is all blue which means that dredging is now 100% complete!  Quite a milestone, and a big sign that the project is nearly finished.

·        This week, Dutra finished their re-dredge areas in Phase III.  We had to go down a couple extra feet to ensure that we were at a nice, clean, sandy surface. It is truly amazing to see the surveys and to note how level the bottom is – a testament to the skills of the excavator operator indeed.

·        Also this week, the crane barge completed their installation of 26 piles at the American Legion.  This work went relatively smoothly, and the barge has moved off site back to the Rhine. There’s just some minor dock work to be patched up, and that should be done very soon.

·        The last part of the project will be to install 4 remaining piles along the Lido Peninsula side of the Rhine Channel.  Dutra is positioned to take care of this very soon.

·        Next week, Dutra will make one final trip up to the Rhine Wharf to unload the few remaining pile, the random debris from the project, the pile driving hammer, and the portable restrooms.

·        There’s still some remaining dock work that will take a few more days to complete, and we hope to have that wrapped up next week.  

·        Interesting fact No. 14:  The large grate on the top of the disposal scow is used to sift the debris that is picked up by the excavator.  Many interesting artifacts have been found including old bottles, random scrap metal, old anchors…and even an airplane tire (no kidding!)

Once again, thank you for your continued patience.  The Rhine will soon be back in order with the navigation channels free and clear.

Chris Miller
Harbor Resources Manager
(949) 644-3043  *

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