Friday, November 09, 2007

The Concept Trawler/Tug

While in Catalina Island over the Labor Day weekend I noticed the number of restored commercial fishing boats with wide stern section’s and europa sedan styling to them. Most of these owners have put a lot of time and effort in restoring and maintaining their yachts. When approaching these boats you can see the pride of ownership from across the bay. This style trawler was built mostly from wood or steal and the interior is broken up into many different compartments.
Now take this stern and place it on the Grand Banks Europa 46 or the Mainship 35 and you are only starting to put this puzzle together with me


Do you want to go weekend cruising for under $ 300.00 in fuel or do you want an expedition long-range yacht? If you answered YES keep reading.
If you’re yachting needs call for an affordable boat with a single diesel for long range and low fuel costs, kept simple and quite, low exterior maintenance and something with classic type line. A yacht that is easily handled by one person and something that makes you smile each time you see her then give me a call and lets talk more about this concept of yachting.

It means that I do not have the money to draw the design, build the mold and build a spec boat. It’s a niche in the market place that has not yet been taped and is ripe on the tree. I feel strongly that this style trawler will lead to the next Nordhavn expedition type yacht. I see a smaller line of yacht from 32-40 feet similar to the Mainship Trawler line.

Just call or email me, tell me what you think? If you have the money and want to build a spec boat and see were it leads? If you have seen this type of boat and agree or disagree with me, drop me a line. LETS TALK!

As a Yacht Broker who understands the only new boat we want to sell is something we truly believe in and can stand behind and be proud of. This is one of the few type’s of boats I want to sell.

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