Thursday, November 01, 2007

J -109, Performance Cruiser and Racer

OK, You have read the JBoats web site, reviews and articles, and now have all the manufactures propaganda. If you are reading this you want a J Boat, that’s simple, you are happy to pay the extra money for the quality of the boat, I call that value.
Other than the J 105 most of the successful J Boats designs have been the racer cruiser. If you want to one design race and that’s it, nothing else, buy the J 105, used, great class sailing and it’s hard to beat. NOW, It you want to one design, sail offshore, cruise to your local islands and determine your use of your boat the J 109 is the perfect boat.

I have a client, who is now a very good friend, come to me and said “I have been watching your ads over the years and I want to meet you before I buy a boat” I could tell, before I even meet this guy, I like him already. My client said “ I want a J Boat and I am thinking of the new 124 what do you think”? Simple, what is your use of the boat going to be? He did not know! Do want to race? “Yes, One design” Have you raced before? “ No, I have been working” This is the normal answer because these baby’s are not cheep. What type of racing do you want to-do? Buoy or offshore? “ Not sure yet” Do you want to take your family sailing and cruising, “YES” “ I want my family on the boat”. I said, than lets get the J 109.

My client has joined our yacht club and has done everything from the club cruisers to the Big Boat Series in San Francisco. He has placed 2nd in the J 109 overall highpoint series and will be one of the boats to beat in this years Class Championship. We are also headed out today on this long 4th of July weekend to just anchor and swim and sit on the boat all day. NOW THAT'S VALUE!

IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT? Can you picture all the good times and the continued use by crew and family? Well I have a J 109 for Sale in California! Go to my listing page for the spec sheet and give me a call and I will have you and your family on the water in know time!! (714) 751-6121

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