Friday, February 08, 2019

Ensenada Race Seminars. " How to increase your boat speed."

"I have participated in the race more than once. Some people might wonder what keeps me returning to this race, I have to say it’s all about the good memories from no wind to gale force winds. The thrill of victory to the agony of defeat. Quotes from past crew members “ Why do we do this to ourselves” to “We are going to be there before the bars close.” Sleeping in Volkswagen vans to the suites at the Coral Hotel. Falling off real and statue donkeys or waking up with a new hat on. It’s all been good times and I want more while I can get them. That’s why I sail this race and stay for the party.”  Len Bose

Now you are planning to participate in this years Ensenada Race and you really want to beat that team down the dock that rubs your bottom the wrong way? You are willing to do whatever it takes to keep your crew safe and greet those competitors on their arrival to the dock at the Coral with a friendly “ How was your race?”

Bruce Cooper from Ullman Sails Newport Beach and Len Bose from the Santa Cruz 50 Horizon will review most of their secrets to achieve your top performance. If you can beat Cooper or Bose then you need not to attend, as you will learn “ keep your friends close and your top competitors closer.”

Topics you might find interesting:

Review the logistics of the race and delivery home.
Focus on your VMG.
Watch systems
Develop a game plan

Quite frankly, this is the first year Cooper and Bose have done this seminar together so we are not sure what is going to come out of their mouths. Yet confidence is high that you will learn something that will get you down the race course a lot faster than the competitor that did not attend this seminar!

SILVER GATE YACHT CLUB: February 13. Thirty racers attend the event with a question and answer period before and after the event. By reading the attendees faces it appeared that the need of a perfect bottom, watch systems and the importance of good communication between them reached their targets. Quotes from the night: "You kept saying you did not want to get too technical, yet that's what wanted more of." " I understood what you said about not serving too spicy of a meal for dinner the first night out to sea." Again it went well and the seminar will continue to get better presentation wise.  Next Seminar is Del Rey Yacht Club February 20.

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