Sunday, February 26, 2017

2017 Islands Race Update:

Feb 24 & 25 2017 Islands Race. At the start of the race we had a little more breeze than forecasted sailing well to Catalina rounding in fourth place in class. Code O to San Clemente arriving at the west end in third at 10:00 PM, changed to our North 1.5 an sailed faster and lower than the fleet to move ahead. Was one of the first boats to gybe and round San Clemente with one of the straightest tracks of the fleet. Go to and review our race, we dropped out at 07:09:47 due to the lack of wind and time constraints. Looks like it would have been a very tight race between us and the Duck in the light breeze.
Looking forward to another racing season competing against the SC 52 "Luck Duck" must have changed the lead with them four or five times before both boats withdrew.
The J 125's stuck it out and finished at 2:30Pm, you have to give it to them for that. Looks to have been a very close finish!
Our boat feels fast and with the team we have this season our competition is going have to want it more than us.
"Baby it was cold outside"

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