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Newport Harbors Most Interesting Yachts of 2015

Len Bose's 2015 Newport Beach's Most Interesting Boats

Newport Beach's 20 most interesting yachts. This story is done in fun and coincides with other lists, from the 100 largest yachts to the world's wealthiest people down to the Daily Pilot's 103 list.

I spent a couple of days cruising the bay checking out boats that I have seen over this past season. I checked in with shipyard owners, yacht insurance companies, mechanics, and marina owners. My choices were made based on boats that I feel are interesting and demonstrate the character of our harbor. 

Most of the boats I have selected are custom and have been in the harbor for a long time. To be honest with you, I am just hoping to get the listing on these boats or, at least, be invited aboard. I mixed it up a little this year so it’s not always the same boats. If you do not see your boat here make sure you contact me. 

 Please enjoy!


“Dragon”   Photo by Len Bose

10. “Dragon” 2006 38’ San Juan. Stunning boat located in Promontory Bay one of the last 38’s  built. My favorite feature to these boats is the engine covers in the cockpit they make for a perfect lounging area while in Catalina. She is powered by twin Yanmar diesels, two staterooms. She is a forty-three knot boat but why would you want to go that fast when you look that good?

"Whiskey Girl”   Photo by Len Bose

9. “Whiskey Girl” Hinckley 29R Talaria She was launched in 2006 and is owned by her original owner. She is often seen around the bay and at the Newport Harbor Yacht Club main dock or at her home just off of Bayside street. She is powered by a single 370 HP Volvo diesel and Hamilton jet drive. With her comfortable V-Berth forward Moonstone Catalina is not out of the question and at thirty knots you can be there in less than an hour. 

DULCINEA   Stan Miller Photo

8.  DULCINEA 1988 110’ Yachtfisher built by Knight & Carver to an Ed Monk design. She can accommodate six passengers  and three crew. Refit maintenance and alteration in 2004. She has a range of 3,000 miles at a cruising speed of 14 knots. She is Jane Fonda of super yachts. Overtime you see her she keeps getting better looking. Berthed on Lido Peninsula.

Chief     Photo by Len Bose

7.  “Chief” 1947 25’ Red & White Chris Craft, the owner of this boat is not new to the list of Newport Beach’s 20 most interesting boats. This is the third boat that he has restored, all wooden boats and all in PERFECT condition. She is on the south east corner of the little  Balboa Island.

William B    Photo provide by the Hill Family

 “WILLIAM B” 77’ Splashed in 1942 at the Naval Shipyard in Puget Sound Bridge. The “WILLIAM B” is a household word in town. Known to have a LOA shorter than her draft is not necessarily true. Always seen at a number of yachting events throughout the years. Her owner is always one of the first volunteers to help out. ( written eight years ago.)

"Quick Spin"  Photo by Len Bose

5. “ Quick Spin” Palm Beach 50 Express. This gorgeous yacht is berthed on Linda Isle just across from the SOL restaurant. I am guessing this is the 50’ model. Palm Beach yachts has been recently acquired by Grand Banks. She comes with twin 435 HP Volvo IPS 600 diesels she weighs in a lean 27,500 pounds which equates into an economical performing yacht. She features two staterooms and one very sexy cockpit.

                                              "Proud Bird"                Photo courtesy of boat owners

4. Proud Bird   38-foot Buddy Davis Proud Bird is now often seen at Whites Cove in Catalina, cruising the harbor or fishing our local waters. The boat is powered by twin Detroit Diesel 485 horse powered 6-71 TI engines. She has a 14-foot beam and displaces 35,000 pounds. Her cruising speed is 18 knots with her top speed reaching 22 knots. She can be found in the upper bay.

                                            Sea Chase      Photo provided by owners

3. “Sea Chase” 47’ Lyman Morse built in 1991. I do not have that much information on this custom boat. She is hull # 1 of a Hunt design and kept in Bristol Condition. What I do know about the boat is that the owner and his wife handle the boat perfectly and are seen on bay cruises and runs down south. This masterpiece can be seen just north of BCYC before the bridge.

El Tigre        Photo by Len Bose

2“El Tigre” 64’ Yachtfisher.  She was splashed in 1981 designed by Ed Monk and built by Elliot Marine in Marina del Rey. I ran into the boat unexpectedly while walking the docks near the Newport Shipyard and she just jumped at me. Every person I asked around town said she is the best of the best. “ They don’t make them like that anymore.”

Shanakee       Photo by Len Bose

1. 'SHANAKEE" 78' Nordland Ed Monk design splashed in 2008. Designed for passages off the Pacific Coast and glacial runways of the Inside Passages. She was constructed with high-techcomposite structure and screams perfection. Built with a sailors eye, her beauty will last longer than the best french wine. If she is in town you can find her on the Lido Peninsula or Moonstone Cove in Catalina.


Amante     Photo courtesy of Joy Sailing

10.   “Amante" 1983 Choate 48’ Peterson design. For the third year in a row this years Newport High Point Series winners. Good thing there are three bothers that race her together because one person could not kept all of the pickle dishes she has won over the last over the last 33 years. Berthed on Lido Isle.

Horizon   Photo courtesy of Joy Sailing

9. “Horizon” 1983 Santa Cruz 50’ Built in Santa Cruz and is hull number 26 of 28 built. She had an extensive refit 2010 and is the boat to beat in her class when sailing to Hawaii or Mexico. This year she placed 1st overall in the Ensenada Race, 3rd in class to Cabo San Lucas and 2nd in class in Trans Pac. She will be headed back to sea this February in the San Diego to Puerto Vallarta Race. You can find her on the Lido Peninsula.

Whisper   Photo courtesy of Sail Smile
8. “WHISPER”  Rhodes 29’ I call her the giant killer. She is sailed on Monday Nights and makes most of our local club races. Always kept in perfect condition and the ‘old boys that sailer her seem pretty darn happy to be on the water. Berthed on the west side of Lido Isle.

Hooligan      Photo by Len Bose
7. “Hooligan” 1968 Ericson 41’ Bruce King designed. She has to be one of the best looking sail boats on the water. The same family has owned her for the last 32 years with the third generation making many trips to Catalina each year and always attending their yacht clubs opening day. She is kept on a mooring on the east end of the bay.

Manaaki    Photo provided by owner
6. MANAAKI” 40’ Friendship designed by Ted Fontaine. She will leave you speechless has she glides down Newport Harbor most weekends with the whole family aboard. Truly one of Newport gems! She is berthed on south side of Lido and kept under a full cover. Hands on owner with true corinthian spirit.

Dauntless       Photo provided by owner
552’ 1992 Hinckley Sou’Wester Hull number #2 “Dauntless”. Hinckley made 17 of these 52's with only two of them on the west coast at this time. One is kept in Marina del Rey and is owned by Michael Eisner the other is here in Newport Beach at the Balboa Marina. She is a Hinckley, you have to love it.

                                      Teal               Photo provided by owner
4. “TEAL”  42’ Hinckley Daysailor built in 2007 to a Bruce King design. I first noticed this boat pulling into Moonstone on a warm summer afternoon with ensign, club burgee and private signal all flying perfectly. Often seen sailing the harbor and outside. She is berthed next to the NHYC.

Methetabel    Photo provided by owner
3.“METHETABEL” 76’ Pedrick Design built at Admiral Marine in 2000. Built of all composite materials after 13 years she is still “state of the art.” Last seen heading for Mexico when she is in port you can find her at Newport Harbor Yacht Club or at Moonstone in Catalina. Berthed just west of the NHYC. She is one of the most elegant vessels I have seen in our harbor.

Windward Passage       Photo Provide by Dave Johnson
2. “WINDWARD PASSAGE” 73’ Built on the Beach in the Bahamas in 1968 to an Alan Gurney design. Best known for Transpac greatest single performance and with a crew list from the Sailors Hall of Fame. Alan Andrews designed Keel and Rudder revision by Westerly Marine and Paint at Newport Shipyard within the last three years. She is berthed at the Ardell Marina. “In every sailors heart there is a piece of WINDWARD PASSAGE”

Phased            Photo provided by owner

1. “Phaedo” 66’ Gunboat. Launched in 2010. She has had a major refit and is a work of art. She has sailed in the last two Trans Pac’s and the Caribbean in 2011. There is an uber modern, stylish interior with open spaces instead of stuffed furniture, with everything from weight-saving clear coat carbon counter tops instead of Corian to being the world’s fastest cruising cat with a pizza oven. This interior would not be out of place in a hip New York City Central Park apartment. While she is in port you can find her at the Newport Shipyard.

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