Wednesday, February 11, 2015

MOORING? Tonights Harbor Commission Agenda Meeting starts at 6:30.



1.Mooring Review – Ad Hoc Committee Formation
At the January 27, 2015 City Council Study Session, staff presented a recap of the recent changes to the City’s administration of the moorings, as well as the residential and commercial piers in the harbor. As a result, the City Council directed the Harbor Commission to study the moorings, and to return to the City Council with a recommended path forward.


1) Establish a Mooring Ad Hoc Committee to evaluate the City’s current administration of the moorings, and to make recommendations to the Harbor Commission who would then forward those recommendations to the Council for consideration. 
2.Harbor Commission Pairings with the City Council and Other Commissions, Boards and Committees
Each year, the Harbor Commission typically assigns individual Commissioners to pair with individual Council Members in an effort to promote awareness of the various issues that might affect both bodies, particularly harbor related items. In addition, the Harbor Commission may also consider assigning individual Commissioners as liaisons to other Commissions, Boards and Committees within the City.


1) Approve the Harbor Commission’s pairing assignments with the City Council; and

2) Approve the Harbor Commission’s pairing assignments with other City Commissions, Boards and Committees, if desired. 
3.Cheyenne 30-Day Update (February)
Per the Harbor Commission’s direction at the November 2014 meeting, the Commission will review the 30-day update for the vessel Cheyenne as submitted by Mr. Chris Welsh.


1) Receive and file 

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