Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Boating Last Minute Christmas Presents

LAST MINUTE CHRISTMAS PRESENTS of your Captain or 1st Mate

Henri Lloyd  Tp jacket ( This sea gear has held up for years for me @ West Marine)

LED flashlight W leash ( Something I look for every time I pack my Sea bag @ West Marine)

Fanny pack life jacket ( Easiest Life Jacket to wear @ West Marine)

Custom fender covers ( Good Idea for next year, or birthday)

Big Sponge( It will get used Home Depoe)

Multitool  Side kick leather man ( Perfect for the sea bag @ West Marine)

Absorber Shammy  ( It will get used Home Depoe)

Boat Hook @ West Marine

L.Gaylord Sportswear ( I have been using them for all my  boating embroidery)

Nikk’s Flags  Custom Flags (The only people in town that understand what a private signal is)

You are always welcome to email me of more suggestions? If you are considering something a little more substantial?  The two listing above and below are easy to show!

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