Thursday, February 28, 2013

FOR SALE: BENETEAU 46' SENSE in Newport Beach.

The 2013 Beneteau 46 SENSE is new to the market and ahead of it time. She will be introduced at the Annapolis Boat this October 4th-8th 2012. For the Newport Beach buyer this is a “Must See”. Perfect for Catalina or just entertaining on the harbor, with a spacious inviting cockpit that is very accessible with on step from the dock. When you step aboard you will get the SENSE that you are on a 55’ boat that can be handled by yourself with the Dock & Go system, a revolutionary innovation to dock your boat with complete confidence by yourself. The full sized main and and optional double stay rig, electric winches for sail handling will make it easy for you to set sail as soon as the afternoon breeze fills in. When you are sailing next to a grand prix racing boat, with the crew of 14, they will wonder “what is that boat, and why cant we sail away from her?”. As you arrive in Catalina a smile will appear on your face as you watch the 6 crew members, from the other boat, folding their main. 
While the SENSE 46 sails have all been furled and stowed already by yourself. Be prepared for those same six crew members to swim over and ask to come aboard? Don’t think that everyone in the the cove did not see you pick up that mooring by yourself, when you hit the Dock & Go to bring the stern closer to the aft mooring loop. Your only concern will be if you brought enough cold beverages for the whole weekend?

Please call for pricing and viewings appointments for the SENSE line.

                                                                                                                               DOCK & GO

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