Wednesday, August 15, 2012

No holds bared in the Tidelands Permit Increase

                       The Bahia Corinthian Yacht Clubs Angelman Series overall winner Dan Rossen aboard PROBLEM CHILD


I would like to give one more analogy on the tidelands permit fees increases before reviewing this summers sailing awards winners.

Picture yourself taking a family trip on a hot muggy summer day to Catalina on a slow boat. Your parents are at the helm, The State of California, you and your big brother, The City of Newport Beach, are sitting in the back of the boat when your big brother turns to you and slugs you in the face. You squeal “ Mom, Dad” the City of Newport Beach just slugged me in the face! Your brother reply’s “No I didn't” and you the permit holder reply “Did to”. This has been going on since 2008, when will Mom and Dad finally stop the boat and pick up the dingy paddle. Give us that stern look of the eyes, over the top of their sunglass, while beating the halibut out of our big brother?
The only way I see mom and dad stoping our boat is if there is an accounting problem and we are not telling them the truth? Let me tell you, there is nothing worse than having to turn around halfway to Catalina and head home. Dad gets really grumpy and his face turns all red.

Back to who won this summers pickle dishes? This years PHRF fleet started with Newport Harbors Yacht Clubs, newly formatted, 3 race series Ahmanson Cup. This series was a huge success with 35 of our harbors boats entering. In 3rd place was team Tres Gordo on “Its OK” from BYC, in 2nd was BCYC Team Plant sailing “Still Crazy” and in first place was BYC Team Kettenhofen aboard “Dare”. Next this season was The Bahia Corinthian Yacht Clubs Angelman Series. This was a nine race series with all windward/leeward races. In 3rd place was BCYC Team Szalay sailing “Pussy Cat”, 2nd place was Team McKeever on “Reliance” from BYC and this years overall winner was my good friend Dan Rossen sailing his boat “Problem Child” for BCYC. Two weeks ago The Balboa Yacht wrapped up the 66 series with the race from Catalina and back. If you missed this race you missed one of the best sails home from the island I have had in years. 3rd place in this years 66 series, sailing for NHYC was Team Grant aboard eXigent, in 2nd was The Richley Family from LIYC on the mighty Amante. This years
overall 66 winner was Roy Jones and Team Tango sailing for BYC. Special shout out to everyone who participated in our harbors PHRF events. This weekend is the Argosy Race which is the last race of The Newport High Point Series. Pending on how many boats show up this weekend, it still is anyones race.

In this years Sabots Balboa Bay Champship regatta the winners in C1: 3rd place Mitchell Harvey, 2nd Rowdie Peets and in first was Shannon Morris all from NHYC. In Sabot B in 3rd was Reid Wiley, 2nd Erik Hou both from NHYC and from BCYC 1st place in Sabots B this year was Jack McClintock. Now to Sabot A’s with NHYC members making a clean sweep of it with Sean Dahl taking 3rd, Kate Madigan in 2nd and this years Balboa Bay Fleet Champion Rhodes Garner is headed to Disneyland.

In the Harbor 20 fleet the current High Point Series leader is Kurt Wiese aboard his yellow boat Ping. The current leader for the rain or shine, who has sailed the most this year is Peter Haynes on Spirit, followed closely by Steve Horton aboard Hears a Who.
In the Harbor 20 Summers series at BCYC Taco Tuesdays  A. Fleet Len Connelly sailing Dollie has had the hot hand on the tiller this summer and in B fleet Dick Somers onboard Stop Making Sence is leading the way. Over at BYC Twilights on Wednesdays nights its Gary Thorne in A Fleet and Mark Hurwitz in B fleet sailing very consistently. In NHYC Thursday nights Rich Matzinger and Phil Ramser have been tearing up A fleet and in B Fleet John Whitney has been sailing very well. In C fleet it appears Steve Horton and Nina Manning have been having a good battle.

More summer results next week, I am off to Catalina.

Sea ya

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