Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Holy Grail at BYC

                         Photo Longpre

I missed a huge wind shift in the harbor last week! It was friday night at Balboa Yacht Club and the arrival of “The Old Mug” or The Americas Cup. I am sure most of you have read The Daily Pilot reports of the cup being in town but what my colleagues missed to say was this was “Fucking Genius”!
 Yea, I know there are better ways to explain things rather than using the F bomb. But this was just that “the bomb”. I never recall seeing something that did so much for our sport in one swoop. Just wish I could have been there to get a true feeling to what went down.

So I am basing my observations on what I noticed in preparation for the event and looking at all the photos that where taken and comments made afterwards.
                                                                                 Longpre Photos
My guess is that S/C Commodore Bretschger and Andy Rose had a lot todo in making all the arrangements. If the presentation of the “Old Mug” was not enough Team Oracle sent down their helmsman James Spithill. One only has to look at the photos and the expressions on all the kids faces while they are reviewing The Cup or surrounding  Spithill listening to his every word. (Notice the hands in the pockets as they look at the cup?) Almost as if Lanceelot brought in the Holy Grail for all to see and strive to achieve in their lifetime.

Hats off for Commodore Bretscher and Andy Rose and anyone else that was behind the seen’s to make this happen. Should Mr. Ellison read this, HUGE, Thank you.
Its was a good week for the sport of sailing in Newport Beach.
Sea ya
Len Bose

Andrew Rose                           Longpre Photos

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