Friday, August 05, 2011

Fridays Dredging Update From Chris Miller

Hi everyone!

This is my weekly update that I anticipate emailing each Friday or so. 

·        Thank you to all of the Phase I property owners who vacated their marinas by the deadline last week.  This certainly made the job much easier and less complicated.  I really appreciate the community spirit in pulling this off.

·        As you saw this week, Dutra really made some progress with their dredging in that they’re slightly ahead of schedule.  Therefore, they’ve decided to not dredge tomorrow (Saturday).  This means that the full dump scow that is in position now, will be picked up sometime very late tonight.  After that point,only the excavator barge will be occupying the channel until about 6:30 AM Monday morning.  This means that half the channel will be vacant and accessible to all boats for the entire weekend.  I think the restaurants will certainly appreciate this good news.

·        Please see the attached figure that shows the progress to date.  This will be updated each week, and will be posted on our website Monday morning as well as at Anchor QEA’s onsite construction office located just a few offices down and across from Sabatino’s on the Lido Peninsula.  The team at Anchor QEA are the onsite construction managers who are taking care of the day to day oversight as well as the sediment/water quality sampling etc…

·        Next week, Dutra will finish up Phase I dredging.  At the same time, Anchor QEA will be doing sediment sampling to confirm that all of the contaminants were removed.  If that is the case, then Phase I dredging will be complete.  If not, then Dutra will need to come back up the channel for further dredging until the area tests clean.  Let’s hope we got it the first time around!

·        If all goes well with the sediment testing, then Dutra may have a couple days to spare with their dredge rig.  If that happens, they’ll move to the Phase III area and dredge down the center of the channel as “filler” work.  They’ll be careful to not impact the existing boats on either side of the channel, and we’re not requiring those boats to be removed from their slips prematurely. 

·        Then, after a certain period, the dredging barge will leave the channel, and the larger pile driving barge will come up and start at the top of the Rhine.  Even though this barge is much larger, there will not be a dump scow next to it, so vessel passage will be less restricted.

·        As you’ve hopefully seen, Dutra has pushed their equipment to the side of the channel each night, therefore providing a 15’-20’ channel.  Keep in mind that if the dump scow is not present during the dredging phase, it may reappear at anytime throughout the day/night, therefore possibly blocking any larger vessels that may be near the Rhine public dock.  I would ask the restaurants to be cognizant of this and to warn their water based customers.

·        Interesting fact #1:  The bucket on the excavator holds approximately 6 cubic yards of material.

Once again, thank you for your patience.  We’re doing all we can to minimize the impact.

Chris Miller
Harbor Resources Manager
(949) 644-3043  *

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