Monday, October 12, 2009

SHORT TACKS: Harbor Busy With Sailboat Races And Sea Lions

If you did not notice how active the harbor was this last weekend you have to come on down and join in on the fun. Everyone was out yachting from Bahia Corinthian Yacht Clubs (BCYC) Double Handed sailboat race series to Balboa Yacht Clubs (BYC) weekend Sunkist/Choc Regatta.

BCYC Double Handed Series is a three-race keelboat event starting in September and ending in November. This event is always on the top of my list because one really breaks a sweat while trying to get your boat around the course. You can’t help but laugh at your self as you stumble around the boat to get the genoa down and the spinnaker up. Then quickly looking over and see how your competition is doing and asking yourself if you are too old for this? This years winner was Chuck Brewers Beneteau 44 “Heartbeat II” with the Sea Scots base Dave O’Hara onboard throughout the series. By the way Dave I will be back next year! Results can be found at

One would think that the racing season is slowing down as the holidays fast approach? Not in Newport Beach, BYC Sunkist/CHOC regatta is Balboa Yacht Clubs largest attended series of the year. The CHOC event, which earned a reported $ 15,000 this year, is only run the first month of this four-month series. On Saturday the dingy fleet which includes Harbor 20’s (18 boats entered), Sabots (9 boats entered), Lazers (7 boats), Lido 14 (15 Boats) and the Thistle (3Boats). I would like to call out the Fin fleet, where were you guys? On Sunday it’s the Keel boats turn with forty-seven boats making it out on this warm fall day. Now you have to give it up to the yacht “Scavenger” and Bill Taylor’s crew. The aft part of this boat has been winning races dating back before there was water in the bay. I just hope I can bring home at least half as many pickle dishes Bill has over the years. He makes it easy for me to return each year because if he is out there having fun with family and friends so am I. Results can be found at

While taking my cruise around the bay this week I noticed that the big male sea lions have left the bay in search of food after a busy summer. With less sharks being reported the Sea Lion population is raising and these big fellows have leaned that man means a meal. NOW this is kind of a “no brainier” DON’T feed the seagulls and DON”T feed the SEA LIONS! Because the same thing ends up happening although it’s just not on your head it’s on your boat. By feeding these guys it just adds to their aggressive behavior. I stopped by Island Marine Fuel ( to talk to owner Dave Beck and asked him what he has been seeing? “Most of the sea lion population have taken over the two derelict boats the county put on the mooring across the bay.” Dave told me “This is probably a good thing because the Sea Lions do not really care what type of boat they own and it keeps them off my boat” Unfortunately the County removed the boats and towed them in for auction and the Sea Lions are now back on the search for a new crib.


Lesson # 27. The best way to keep the sea lions off your dock or the back of your boat look s to be a wooden 2” by 2” peg board.

Lesson # 17 Allways go to for your yacht photos. I don’t know where I would be without Bronny help.

On the Horizon, I will be doing a story, the first part of next month, reviewing the Yacht Clubs annual award winners.

Sea ya

Len Bose

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