Saturday, May 15, 2010

Little Things Make Big Things Happen

By Len Bose

What a week in the harbor we just had! Opening Day at BYC & BCYC, the “old” No. 8 channel marker ”Newport Ramming Rod” has been removed, the sheriff's department will continue managing the moorings and Newport Beach City Council has approved Marina Park Phases I, II and III ... and there is a lot going on this weekend.

I truly enjoy Opening Day in Newport Beach and this time of year. The sun is up by 6:30 a.m. and sets at 8 p.m. and we can race Monday nights in the American Legion Series, Tuesday nights in the BCYC Taco Tuesdays, BYC Twilights on Wednesdays and BYC Beercans on Thursday. Let’s go yachting!

One of my favorite features of being a Yacht Club member in Newport Beach is opening Day, and all the pomp and circumstance that goes along with it. Part of this tradition is the boat inspection, where club members have brought in their boats for judging. If you haven't attended this early part of opening day before, this is when the participants are scrambling around the docks bunched up tighter than ducks' fannies. It’s the competition part that gets to me with all the long hours I have put into my boat and now after 15 years of doing this I finally get it. It’s not about winning the inspection, yeah right, it’s about having your boat ready for the upcoming season. If it weren't for this part of the event, I would be dealing with maintenance issues all season long. Once this part of the formalities is completed it's now time to reintroduce yourself to your family and go make a mess of your friends' boats.

I know, I keep bringing Carter Ford's name up each week and I named this week's article with him in mind, "Little things make big things happen,” because that's what happened this week in the harbor. The old No. 8 channel marker “Newport Ramming Rod” has been removed, gone, bye-bye, no more, sea ya … hallelujah, thank you, Carter. I noticed this on Monday afternoon, and Tuesday night was the Newport Beach City Council meeting, where the mooring issue was on the consent calendar. I arrived at council chambers a half hour after the meeting started to see a large group of smiling people standing in front of the steps. It was obvious that the sheriff's department had renewed its mooring agreement with the city. I received a warm greeting from Sgt. Steve McCormick, who informed me of the good news. Within the circle of people was Chip Donnelly of the Mooring Association, Bill Moses the Sec. of NMA, John Fradkin, Megan Delaney, Don Stoughton and Carter Ford also from the Mooring Association, and Lt. Mark Long. On a side note, each time I meet our Harbor Master Lt. Mark Long I cannot help but think “what a difference a day makes” and how lucky we are to have him at the helm. Another thing I noticed was a change in Sgt. McCormick. I don’t know if it was because I have known him for awhile now or that he is working with a new team. But when I left him, I got the feeling we are all now working together, and it felt like he is a friend. It felt good and I smiled as I walked into the chambers to see that the council had started its discussion regarding Marina Park and in no time, the council had unanimously voted to accept Marina Park Phase I, II and III. Wow! I had just arrived at a city council meeting and within a half hour I had my story. Life is good, and it appears to be getting better in the harbor. Now, all we need is to just add water and keep our fingers crossed for lower bay dredging.

Regarding the rest of my week, I volunteered to bring the BYC Governor's Cup boats down from storage and do mark set for the BYC's inaugural “Youth Match Race Clinic & Regatta.” I'll write more on this next week, but this is a big event for the harbor and BYC. If I wasn't smiling already from ear to ear, and that’s a lot of smile with my big head, I am now, because my club is doing a good thing! Let's not forget that BYC is also running the 66 series this weekend. Like I said last week, “It’s time to go yachting” and it's been a good week.

Sea ya'

 Len Bose is a contributing writer to the Newport Beach Independent and owner ofLen Bose Yacht Sales.

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