Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Masthead Issue # 9 2-26-08 MAXIMS

Feb.26 2008 Tuesday morning 7:30 AM, Newport Beach City Council Chambers Task Force Newport in regards to the enforcement of the speed limit in Newport Bay.

Extracted from conversations and the thick head of Len Bose.

“ Push deputy in corner, you’re going to lose the campaign”

Ralph Rodheim chairmen of the Joint Task Force Newport deservers a “well done” for controlling this mornings meeting. With over fifty people attending this morning's roll call. The issues were then laid on the table with a short & long-term task force starting to form. The short-term task force will be focusing on saving this season bay racing. The Long Term Task force is to keep this issue from returning.

Harbor Master Deana Bergquist was the first speaker and opened the meeting with a review of most of the tasks assigned to the Harbor Department. I am starting to understand the difficulties of this issue and heard the concern or nervousness in the captain’s voice while making her presentation. One wonders if the Captain has the proper set of tools to complete her task?

While looking across the chambers I started to ask myself if we were doing the right thing by placing the harbor department in a room full of grumpy old sailors? I noticed a number of people rubbing their faces while questions were being asked, has if we were at traffic school and you had the sudden urge to change seats. Don’t take me wrong; I understand in a public forum everyone gets his or her three minutes. I am just starting to question our route to this waypoint. Its like the Trans Pac Race after day three, you can only hope you're on the best course because it’s a long way to the finish.

Like in any race you push on and look for the next wind shift. Many of you have seen me sail to one side of the course, then to the other side of the course, with normally the same result. I just hope this time it’s a tie with the finsh line being a better working relationship between the Harbor Department and the yachtsman.

Keep checking your routing programs to see what tack I'm on after next weeks meeting


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