Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What’s NEWport?

I will try to update this weekly, so leave some comments and let me know your reading this information and what you would like to read about?

New boats in town. The Santa Cruz 70’s and 50’s are returning to Southern California. It seems the spark caused by Newport Harbor Yacht Club and the Cabo race has rekindled the fire and the entrys in the Cabo and Trans Pac will be at new levels.

A retired Peter Tong and his new to him SC 70 will sail well for corrected time in Cabo and Trans Pac this year. I have never seen Pete keep his boats to long, but I have seen him entry the market early and leave at its peek over the years.

The guys from Newport Harbor Yacht Club have purchased “GONE WITH THE WIND” Ex; Elusive hull number 9, the only Turbo 50 is doing everything right and appears to be a top shelf program. This boat can win on corrected in the 15k wind range against the J 125. Not sure if she can hold her time in a big breeze against another well sailed 50’s. At this point she seems to be on schedule for a good season. This brings 3 fifty’s to Newport and six in Southern California. Just another reason to BUY Deception, Look further down my site.

Don’t know what the hell this is? Rumor has it its from down under and might have something to-do with Sail California. I hear she will be sailed in MDR.

So, now that you have the perfect sport boat you need the perfect support boat. The market for the Down East style boat continues to grow in town. At last count there are Five new Hinckley Picnic boats in town along with other assorted custom boats. My guess is this market will continue to grow in Newport.

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