Thursday, November 03, 2005

Wylie 38

Along side other 72 raters, this is the weapon of choice. The Wylie 38 can sail upwind and surf downwind. She is a well-balanced boat with the breeze up and the pole back. As the wind approaches 30 knots and the next black squall approaches from behind. The idea of knowing that the mast will stay dry will keep the crews voice inflection from panic.
Built by Westerly Marine, one of the premium yacht builders in the world, she is well put together. I am not sure how many were built, if I was to guess, I would say around twelve some of them being built as 39 footers.
This Wylie design was popular in the Bay area and Great Lakes. Most inquires come from previous boat owners that have a taste for quality along with performance.
With the expanding entrees to long distance racing, such as Mexico races, Trans Pac and short-handed sailing, will place a high demand on this type of yacht. I base my market option on the fact that Santa Cruz 70’s and 50’s are trading and returning to the west coast. This will lead to the trickle down effect to the next level. Finding a place to store a yacht under 40 feet and will fit into a 35 foot slip will be rather keen also.
The owner of this yacht wants it sold, not because of cost, but because an emotional lose of her late husband. Great value! Great FUN! GREAT BOAT.
Call today for a viewing.

Thank you,
Len Bose

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