Monday, June 05, 2017

On the Harbor: Shannon Levin leaves a legacy

Shannon Levin

In 2008, Shannon applied for the Harbor’s supervisor position. “I wanted the job and attended Harbor Commission meetings, researched the Harbor Codes and studied the harbor and bay elements of the general plan,” she said. After three interviews, she received the job and immediately went to work on beach maintenance programs for Balboa Island and China Cove. She was tasked with field surveys, permit applications, creating dredge profiles, hiring contractors, scheduling the work and on-site project management.
I then asked Shannon what has changed in the harbor over the last nine years? “The last six or seven years we’ve had many high-profile projects with multiple revisions of the harbor code, mooring codes and fees. We collected input from the Harbor Commission, City Council, along with political and capital interest,” she said.
Shannon went on to explain that one of the most difficult annual tasks in Harbor Resources is chasing the sea lions around the harbor and how relentless they can be. I changed topics and asked which of her projects is she most proud of? “My hallmark project was opening Marina Park – setting rents, staffing, creating rules/policies, training and procedures.” 
When asked what advice she would leave her replacement she said, “Managing public resources is a balance of making decisions based on what the community wants and how to best allocate the resources. It is a fine line and you just do the best that you can to give the general public the best use of them.”
We than talked about her new job as Dana Point Harbor’s manager. How it is similar but different with less hands-on operations and maintenance, more contract administration and leases. Shannon will be the go-to person for the harbor and county agencies. She will also be in touch with many of her contacts in the Coastal Commission, Boating and Waterways and Water Quality board.
She will be bringing with her the understanding of high profile complex projects. “If you work hard everything has a solution, be transparent and fair then everything seems to fit in the puzzle
Will we still see you around town? “I’ll still be around and I will be more relaxed, I will no longer have to keep an eye out for things that have to be fixed on Monday,” Shannon said.
Now that I reflect over the last year and a half, Shannon has found solutions to difficult problems. She is extraordinarily good with her presentations to government agencies and acknowledges work well done. At the same time, I clearly recall the days I made a few too many mistakes and took mind not to repeat those mistakes.
Shannon Levin is my friend and I will miss her and at the same time it always feels good to watch a friend move on to a better opportunity.
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Len Bose is a yachting enthusiast, yacht broker and harbor columnist for StuNewsNewport.

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