Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Around Catalina Aboard LINSTAR

Hello Everyone,

Fun race this last weekend “Around Catalina”. We sailed a very consistent race making very few mistakes earning a 2nd in class, 1 min. out of first, and 10th overall. In fact, I don’t recall making any mistakes? OK, maybe two mistakes, one by not bringing the propane tank and feeding everyone a hot meal and the other by not having a camera to take a photo at the end of the gig.   http://www.dpyc.org/race/results/2013/CatIsl13.pdf   


Pre-race things could not have gone any better by adding two more people to “The Bands” roster and Milton returning from his solo tour. Greg Wall and Patrick Kincaid have agreed to sit in for awhile and continue to work with us as we proceed in our quest in becoming local rock stars. We all understand it takes 10 members to keep us in tune with at least 6 members attending each gig. Yes, we missed “The Big Kahuna” John as he continues his world tour. Ada is still recovering from her stage accident and Gary had to take care of his peoples.

MVP this week goes to Milton and Patrick. The work you two did in the AM hours was just outstanding, out of the park, killer, impressive, distinguished or just fucking lucky. I don’t know what you two did but thats when the race was won. “Well Done” Milton and Patrick.

Quotes from the gig: “ The Beer and a Muffin Show” with Big Rob and L.Bose. Len “I think we are a minute early for the start” Milton “No Lenny we got it, keep going”. Rob “Fuck Propane”. Milton “ I ate so much, I am going to fart green”.

What quotes do you remember?

Well done everyone next race is June 8th  Ocean Racing Series # 7  BCYC. Please RSVP. ASAP!

Remember to join this weeks MVP “Milton, mumbles, Santos” and his pick up band every Thursday night this summer!

Party on!

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