Saturday, April 06, 2013

Baldwin Cup 2013 Day 1

Should you decide to head down to the NHYC today and watch the team racing keep a couple of things in mind. 

Parking the car at NHYC is challenging and then you have to grasp whats going on out on the water. You will see three racing going on at one time. Just in front of the club, assuming the wind will be out of the same direction as yesterday, was the top part of the digital N course.

At the first two marks of the course the teams are just starting to get into it and by the time they reach the bottom part of the N they are really going at it. If its still a close race its all out war as the two teams of four work their way to the finish line.

Unfortunately this is the furthest distance from the dock and as a spectator you have to pay attention to grasp the game. I trying my best to understand and still have no clue whats going on.

I will be back today, the atmosphere around the club is intoxicating or that could have something todo with the .25 beers??

Sea ya 

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