Sunday, November 08, 2015

Should Newport Beach have Marine Recycling Centers?

                                   (This is what we have in Newport Beach now)

I am still moving forward with the Marine Recycling Center idea for Newport Beach. Two weeks ago Harbor Commissioner Ralph Rodheim and I went to Dana Point to meet with Brad Gross and Paul Lawrence of Dana Point Harbor. The concept of this sortie was to learn the details of Dana Point Harbors Marine Recycling Center and if possible copy these centers in Newport Beach.

Let me take two steps back and tell you how I got this idea. I was cleaning my boat out one day and found I had diesel fuel in my bilge and then proceeded to sponge it into a two gallon bucket. When deciding on how to dispose of the fuel I found I had four choices. The first choice was to dump it in the waste bin or into the gutter, I could take it to one of the fuel docks and pay $20 to dispose of it or I could drive all the way to Northern Huntington Beach and dispose of it at the Rainbow disposal yard. Keep in mind I am lazy and cheap and always look for the easiest out. About this time I wondered if the city had a solution? 

Before I meet with Commissioner Rodheim I thought I had better look into what Newport Beach’s has in place already and gave Dave Beek and Gary Hill, the owners of our local fuel docks, a call. Both fuel docks will take your absorbent pads and waste oil at no cost. I also leaned from these two plus Dave New at Basin shipyard that people quite often just leave their waste at their doorstep.
So with the understanding we might find a better system of disposing of this type of waste Commissioner Rodheim and I proceeded to Dana 
Point in a fact finding mission. I  had also perversely placed a call to Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach for assistance in my research and I did receive a couple of emails from Moorlach staff. On our arrival to Dana Point we received a warm welcome from Mr. Gross and it quite obvious that he and his staff would like to help us with this project.
After inspecting the west and east Basin Recycling Centers both Ralph and I felt we should proceed to investigate into this idea further
That’s were we are today and I plan on presenting our findings to the Harbor Commission at tonight’s meeting. Please attend tonight’s meeting, leave me a comment, send me an email to or you can always just call me (714) 916-0200. 

(West Basin)

(East Basin)

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