Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chris Miller weekly update for September 12 – 16.

Hi everyone!

This is my weekly update for September 12 – 16.

·        Please see the attached figure that shows the progress to date.  You’ll notice that the blue area has been enlarged which means that more dredging is complete.  We’re nearly done dredging the smaller part of the channel which therefore frees things up from a navigation standpoint.

·        Dutra is still dredging the larger part of the channel in Phase II.  They’ve made their first pass to design depth, but our sediment chemistry is indicating that we’ll need to dig deeper.  Therefore on Monday, they’ll return back to the bend of the channel and work their way through that section again. 

·        The pile driving effort has gone smoothly these past few days in Phase II.  Dutra has installed all of the piles along the Lido Peninsula side of the channel (before rounding the corner), and they’ve now started on the peninsula side and working down towards the Balboa Boat Yard.  You can see the yellow boxes on the attached figure that show their progress.  After they get to the Balboa Boat Yard, they’ll shift back to the Lido Peninsula side and drive more piles there.

·        On Saturday, there will be no dredging or pile driving work.  Dutra’s crew will be enjoying their weekend…as I’m sure you will too.

·        Dutra is doing a great job of coordinating with the various restaurants and shipyards so as to minimally disrupt their business operations.  We’ll continue to focus on this outreach during the last part of Phase II and III.  If you have any specific questions, please give me a call and I’d be happy discuss the project with you.

·        Phase III is fast approaching, and our plan is to officially start that area with vessel relocations on September 27.  As you look at the attached figure, you’ll notice that most of the main channel has already been dredged which means that the Phase III boaters should be minimally impacted.  We’ll have a better idea as the next couple weeks unfold.

·        Remember, the City is offering free moorings to those boaters that need to vacate their slip.  Please call the Harbor Patrol (949-723-1002) for arrangements, and identify yourself as a Rhine Channel displaced boater. 

·        Interesting fact No. 7:  The pile driving hammer weighs about 16,000 pounds, with the inner slug weighing about 10,000 – 12,000 pounds.  The driving force of the hammer is about 55,000 foot pounds.

We’re making great progress and are ahead of schedule.  Thank you for everyone’s patience and cooperation!   

Chris Miller
Harbor Resources Manager
(949) 644-3043  *

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